Ebo a.k.a "The Friendly Centurion" is the main character of the show. He was born in Ancient Rome. As a soldier in the Punic Wars, he eventually journeyed to Carthage, where he discovered to his sensitive heart's horror that there was a lion with sparrow in its paw. Upon finding him, Ebo nursed the lion back to health, saying what would roughly translate into English as "there, there" (in Latin, "ibi, ibi") as he attended to the injury, which swiftly became the lion's nickname. After having explained his idea of finding exciting people to learn incredible facts from, he and Ibi became inseperable companions. Ebo is famous for his lacklustre personality, thirst for learning and crunchy jam fetishism.


Ibiescaped from the Coliseum in Rome when he deemed that weekly Christian feeds were not enough to satiate his bloodthirsty appetite. This was made possilbe by the help of a cunning slave called Abi (see below). However, his murderous rampage was soon interrupted when a hapless sparrow, migrating here or there for the season, became buried in his paw. Unsurprisingly, this did not amuse Ibi, who instantly went on a new murderous rampage. One fine day, he came across Ebo, who waved his hands around unceasingly and shouted a lot. The next thing he knew he was lying in a silk bed by candlelight, the sparrow gone, being stroked and soothed. Fully confused by the change in events, but enticed by Ebo's plan of meeting,greeting (and eating) new people every day, Ibi decided to follow Ebo around and help out.


Zam is a gentle, international loving Esperantist. He travels with Ebo in the hope to internationalise all those he comes into contact with by teaching them Esperanto. Often seen with a sensible pair of glasses, he offers up words of wisdom such as "Always click on Zam to proceed", though no-one yet has been able to make sense of this, and fear it may stem from a strange Esperanton word. HE makes only one appearance on "Ebo The Friendly Centurion" but reappears as a main character on the less acclaimed spin-off series "Ibi and Friends". He is often finding himself in ridiculous situations, needing Ibi's assistance, nervously saying "I'm in a spot of trouble here Ibi".

Professor Pliny

Professor Plini is the inventor of T.A.R.M.O.S. (The Awesome Romand Machine Of Superness) Not only did he build this curious, potato-shaped contraption, he also gave it the extensivley intellectual and literate name, thus proving his well deserved place in the history of literature. He is also less acclaimed for having invented "Crunchy Jam".


Abi is a cunning ex-slave, who seems to have an incredible capacity for collecting vaste amounts of rare, arbitrary things. He is always running into trouble. This is largely to do with his arrogant nature, and his relentless pursuit of stamp collection. Often seen at the at Rome's many tabernae, he seems to frequently be seen having complex affairs with women. These often end most unhappily, as he puts little effort into his relationships, engrossed in his stamps. This once came out most extremely when he placed a stamp over the face of his lover so he could regard his stamps while doing the dirty. He is one of Ebo's few close friends, though sees him as bland and uninteresting, and has a tendency to look down on him, due to his "lack of buttons". Abi had a cruel, fat master, who often used to beat him, and tell him so frequently to "Abi" (go away), that many thought it his name. However, always a cunning opportunist, he helped Ibi escape, only in return for a samll favour. Of course, disposing of Abi's master was real challenge for Ibi, who masterfully cosumed him whole, thus gaining Abi's freedom. The two parted ways, and met once again when Abi was in desperate need, neededing Ibi to do him a "small favour" - get rid of a tax man harassing Abi about his expensive, and almost certainly stolen collection of rare buttons. Ebo and Abi become instant companions, and Abi an infrequent, but regular mamber of the Ebo family.


Edois a travelling cook, renowned all over Rome for his talents in the kitchen. Indeed, it is even said that his food makes dinner with insurance salesmen seem bearable. His cooking is very versatile, and ranges from normal classics, to his own creations, such as his own personal favourite, aubergine stuffed with aubergine. He is also famous for being the creator of crunchy jam (see Frequently Featured Items). Edo also secretly invinted the jelly-baby. He just didn't tell anyone about it.


Quamquam is a mythical bird, only known Ibi and Friendls (it is speculated whether he is the only member of his species). The bird is thought to be all knowing, and truly wise, except for his gullabilty when it comes to buying insurance. Quamquam, however, is also said to be tremendously lazy, and relies on Zam to tend to his needs. It is Quamquam's trademark arogance that Zam says will lead him astray (as well as his"unesperantan attitude"). The sly, cunning and generally sarchastic bird is always advancing his vaste fortunes (which seemingly come from nowhere) by conning everyone, generally wasting his money on dictionary insurance.

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