The Characters Go to Elmo's World is a 1999 live-action animated kids adventure, produced by the Children's Television Workshop, distributed by Family Home Entertainment and Artisan Home Entertainment. It's about Kevin and the characters Peep, Chirp, Quack, Batty, Vincent, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Mr. Funny, Mr. Happy, Mr. Silly, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bounce, Maggie, Mrs. Calloway, Grace, Buck, Ollie with the Piggies, Jeb, Audrey with the chicks, Jerry, Larry, Neightan and Betsy (Neighborhood Animals), Darwin, Laura, Bob, Lenny, Alphablock J, the Brainy Baby characters, Junior, Archibald, Jimmy and Misty are waiting for the surprise package. Suddenly, they heard "Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, MAIL TIIIIIIIIIIIME!" They sing the Mail Time Song from Blue's Clues. Jean Claude and Phillipe came and bought a surprise package and Chirp gives clues: it's a segment, it's colorful and it's a very special place and she opens it and sees Elmo's World. They go in the box and Elmo welcomes to everyone at Elmo's World. Peep says hello to Dorothy, Elmo's pet goldfish. Mr. Bounce singing about the wonderful thing about bouncing to Mr. Funny, Mr. Bump and Mr. Silly. Kevin, Peep, Chirp, Jerry and Quack thinks that is time for a Monster Pants Dance. Mr. Bump's letter of the day is L. Mr. Bump thinks the words that begin with L: lollipop, lily and lemon. Mr. Bump shows the video about the letter L. Mr. Funny was playing "Journey to Elmo". Elmo was hiding in the studio where Mr. Funny seeks. Suddenly, he saw Elmo on the screen and he says to hurry up and get out of the TV and Mr. Funny grabs him. He found him and the game was done. Peep, Chirp, Jerry and Quack watches Barney & Friends on TV while Mr. Silly's number of the day is 10. He counts 10 apples. Mr. Silly shows the video about the number 10. Kevin, the characters and Elmo flied into the box and landed in Verona. Bob and Larry thinks it's time to talk about what we learned today. The song "What We Have Learned" played. Peep said that is fun on Elmo's World and we watched Barney and Friends with Chirp, Quack and Jerry. Little Miss Scatterbrain announces the sponsors. The characters dancing to the Sesame Street closing music from 1992 while the credits rolled. Bob the Tomato says "Toodle-loo!" to the camera.

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