The Chasm is a fairly hidden base utilized by the Knights of Mata-Nui.


The Chasm's history is largely unknown. It was created by an earthquake over a hundred years ago. Shortly after, the Knights began using it as a base in Po-Metru.


The Chasm is hard to locate. In fact, if you haven't seen it before, you might just miss it. It is protected from people by a large set of rocky hills that form a sort of 'valley'. If you find the right point in the valley, you will see a large chasm. It is about a Kio deep, but there is an elevator that will take you all the way down to the bottom. As you go deeper, the chasm actually widens.


It is pretty much a small town, equipped with barracks, a proto mine, depthchutes, and various other things.


Located in the South East The barracks are equipped with quarters to sleep in as well as storage for clothing and armour. It also features running protodermis and the dining halls.

Protodermic Mine

Located in the North East area. The Chasm is equipped with a small protodermic mine. It is mined by various small Rahi. Different sorts of protodermis is found here. Mostly solid protodermis is found. However, they have been known to find Liquid Protodermis, and even a small pool of Energized Protodermis was discovered once.


Located right outside of the Protodermic Mine. The Forges are where master carvers make weapons, masks, and disks out of all the Protodermis from the Protodermic Mine. Some inventors are also here inventing new ways to mine Protodermis and new vehicles.


Located in the North West area of the base, the Depthchutes can be used by any members of the order to transfer from Metru to Metru. This is also where cargo from various Metrus arrive.

Sparring Grounds

Located in the South West area, the Sparring Grounds are a large complex where various members train themselves with other members, dummies, and take/teach classes on sparring of their own.

Meeting Center

Located in the exact center, the Meeting Center is where members plan missions and receive their orders.

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