The Chica Show: Season 1 is a Shout! Factory DVD with 13 adventures of the PBS Kids Sprout TV show on Discs 1 & 2, then 14 adventures on Discs 3 & 4, and then the bonus features on Disc 5.

Disc 1

  1. Farmer Chica
  2. Bock-a-Doodle Doo I Love You
  3. Chica Fancy Fish
  4. Super Chica!
  5. Bockadoodle Builder
  6. Chica Climbs a Mountain

Disc 2

  1. Chica's Jug Band Jamboree
  2. The Amazing Chicadini
  3. Captain Chica Redcomb
  4. Vroom Vroom Chica

    Disc 3

    1. Snow Princess Chica
    2. Chica's Big Comb Circus
    3. Special Delivery Chica

      Disc 4

      1. Chica to the Rescue
      2. Doctor Chica
      3. Reporting for VCLUCK
      4. Cowgirls and Chickens
      5. Chica Plays the Egg Games
      6. Chica the Artist
      7. Icky, Sticky Chicky

        Disc 5

        Archival Hasbro Toy Commercials

        1. Optimus Prime
        2. Insections
        3. Dinobots
        4. Constructicons

        Bonus Stories

        1. Spot Goes to the Farm
        2. Spot Finds a Key
        3. Sweet Dreams, Spot!
        4. Spot Stays Overnight
        5. Spot's Windy Day
        6. Spot Goes to the Circus
        7. Spot Follows His Nose
        8. Spot's First Picnic
        9. Spot Goes to the Fair
        10. Spot Goes Splash
        11. Where's Spot
        12. Spot's Birthday Party
        13. Spot At The Playground
        14. Spot In The Woods
        15. Spot Goes to the Beach
        16. Spot Makes a Cake
        17. Storytime with Spot
        18. Huxley Pig Goes Flying
        19. Huxley Pig at the Circus
        20. Huxley Pig the Reporter
        21. Huxley Pig at the Stone Age
        22. Huxley Pig Goes Fishing

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