The Christmas Suprise, Renamed Mrs. Windell's Christmas In American Realeses Is A Season 15 Episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)

                    Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                    Joseph J. Terry (US)


  • Thomas
  • Gordon
  • Donald & Douglas
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Mrs. Windell
  • Harold (Does Not Speak)
  • Percy (Does Not Speak)
  • Toby (Does Not Speak)
  • Bulgy (Does Not Speak)
  • Henry (Does Not Speak)
  • Annie & Clarabell (Do Not Speak)
  • Edward (Cameo)
  • James (Cameo)
  • Duck (Cameo)
  • Oliver (Cameo)
  • Stepney (Cameo)
  • Bill & Ben (Cameos)
  • Diesel (Cameo)
  • Boco (Cameo)
  • Daisy (Cameo)
  • 10 Cents (Cameo)
  • Stewie (Cameo)
  • Emily (Cameo)
  • Mavis (Cameo)
  • Graham (Cameo)
  • Brian (Cameo)
  • Patrick (Cameo)
  • Oliver (Cameo)
  • Bertie (Cameo)
  • Terance (Cameo)
  • Trevor (Cameo)
  • George (Cameo)
  • Henrietta (Cameo)
  • Colin (Deleted Scene Cameo)


It's 2 Days Before Christmas On The Island Of Sodor & A Party Is Planned.


  • Colin Was To Appear In This Episode, But It Was Cut.


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