The Chronicler's Book

The Chronicler's Book is an object from the BIONICLE SAGA series.


There have been many chroniclers in the BIONICLE world. And all of their stories, notes, pictures and comments were put into one big book called The Chronicler's Book. It was created by Toa Inika Matoro and Toa Inika Hahli.


Its function in the series is to help The Six Matoran find out important facts in their quest.


It contains chronicles by: Matoro, Hahli, Kodan, Kopeke and other chroniclers throughout the history of BIONICLE.


Pablo said

I thought of Hahli as chronicler and then asked myself: How could I make The Six Matoran understand the BIONICLE story better? Then I thought of filing all chronicles into a big book created by the 2 most famous chroniclers.

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