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The Chronicles of Harrison Nugent

This is a page that has been developed to chronicle the epic adventures of the creator of the universe, Harrison Nugent.
Shotokan karate

Possible picture of Harrison

Cool harrison copy

Cool Harrison

Who is Harrison Nugent?

Harrison Nugent is a mighty asian rumored to reside in the city of Buffalo. Those who have claimed to see him instantly know that he has power greater than any other being on this planet.

Another possibe Harrison

Who can add a story?

Anyone is welcome to edit this site and add a story to the epic adventures of Harrison Nugent. Except for Eric Klein. We all know why.

How do I know that my story is factually accurate?

The seers that have begun the Chronicles of Harrison Nugent have all undergone years of training to funnel the truth of the creation of the universe to the public. You probably will never be able to properly funnel the adventures of Harrison Nugent, but I can help you try. All you have to do is imagine what a stereotypical asian would do if he were to create the universe. Harrison Nugent has probably done it.

But I am Eric Klein, Why cant I add a story?

Eric, I read your story, and from here on out, any story that retarded that is added to the chronicles will be branded "Kleintastically Approved!"


This page has been branded

The Epic put in Order

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