The Church of the Holy light are the mortal enemies of the Twilight warriors and seek the death of all darksides, through any means necessary.


= Beginings

The Church of the Holy Light was founded centuries ago with the purpose of elminating anything of the darkness. Orginally they were merely guardains and people who fought defense only. But eventaully as the number of Darksides increased the blood lust of these warriors grew. They became intent on the destruction of darkness itself! To this end the transformed themselves from a small cult into a powerfull military order on a crusade against all those who had even the slightest bit of darkness. They stopped caring if anyone got in the way. They became focused on conquest and destruction.

= War with the Twilight

They finally clashed with the Twilight Warrior's who felt that the balance of the worlds was being thrown into chaos by the slaughter of the darksides. The Twilight Warriors and local military groups from many worlds battled the Church of the Holy light in in brutal war that lasted five years of carnage. The Balance's were dragged into the fight when the Church of the Holy light attacked them and stole their Holy sevens, the Item that has no form and the Sheild. They had already taken the gloves and Sword from the Darksides, and they had stolen the pistols from the Twilight Warrior's.

At the same time Evil Energy was ravaging the worlds. The church believed that with the holy seven they could control the Evil Energy and use it to do their bidding. They attacked the Twilight Warrior head quarters of Amon Ere and stole the bow of Twilight. They set Evil Energy to attack the Twilight Warriors who were building the Moon Sword to counter it. With the sword they defeated Evil Energy and launched a massive counter attack on the Church of the holy Light. The war came to an end and the church of the holy Light faded into silence and obsucrity as the Twilight Warrior's began to crumble form within and with out.

Seeing their opening as the Twilight Warrior's became weaker the Church of the holy Ligh beegan picking of and assassinating Twilight Warrior's thinning their numbers down to less than fifty by the 1950's. It is now believed that Twilight Warrior's are to scattered and few to be of any use against the Church. As such the Church has resumed wiping out the darksides with the same brutal effecincy.

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