The Clumsiest Lunt is a fake VeggieTales episode.


The story starts with Pirate Lunt helping a bull. Then, he accidentally fell into a water barrel which toppled to a fence sending Lunt soaring, and down onto the ground tight than a rattlesnake in a rootbeer bottle. Then everyone laughed at Lunt. That hurt his feelings. Nobody helped yank his bandana off. He just bumbled around London, unable to see. He went to the Clip-Clop Horseshoe Store. There, he uses a shoehorn to pry his bandana off his eyes (Good thing he doesn't have eyes.) But as just as he got it off, he stumbled backward into a shelf, knocking down several boxes of horseshoes. When they hit a wooden plank, Lunt flew straight up into the ceiling. His bandanda is now stuck on his head snugger than a bull in tights. Next, he helped cows at the corrals. And finally, he helped roosters. Then he left town all alone. He went back to the town. He saw the people hurt. And then, he rode out of town. He then was sent to banishment.


  • Pirate Lunt
  • Owner of the Clip-Clop Horseshoe Store
  • Miss Achmetha
  • Pa Grape
  • Esther
  • Petunia Rhubarb
  • Cassie Cassava

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