fart1ize says:

I'm making a Potter Puppet Pals Mr. Men parody. Who will play who?

JuliePetunia says:

  • Harry Potter-Mr. Bump
  • Ron Weasley-Mr. Happy
  • Hermione Granger-Little Miss Calamity
  • Albus Dumbledore-Mr. Messy
  • Severus Snape-Mr. Rude
  • Lord Voldemort-Mr. Grumpy

fart1ize says:

I guess that could work. But I was thinking Neville Longbottom for Mr. Tickle and Hagrid and Ron for Nosey and Small.

JuliePetunia says:


CamptownCHEESE says:

Harry Potter will be Mr. Happy Ron Weasly will be Mr. Bump Hermione will be Little Miss Chatterbox Snape will be Mr. Grumpy Voldemort will be Mr. Messy Albus will be Mr. Strong Neville the Squash will be Mr. Funny Rubues Hagrid will be Mr. Greedy Cedric will be Mr. Muddle Argus will be Mr. Lazy Draco Malfoy will be Mr. Topsy-Turvy

jbpuppets says:

Now for Homestar Halloween

  • Homestar Runner - Mr. Happy (Mr. Men)
  • Strong Bad - Zoot (The Muppet Show)

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