The Collision is a episode of Friturtoons.


CSX 8886 is told by CSX 8888 that he (8888) is dangerous, and he nearly goes everywhere without a crew. In response to this, 8886 speeds down the Amtrak railway without a crew, runs over 2 trespassers, almost runs over a German Shepard that was running along the tracks, gets Gordon's express put into emergency, and collides with a BL Ambassador at a railroad crossing that had no gates, or flashing lights or American crossbuck, but a Republic of Botswana yellow crossbuck, and a Wig-Wag crossing signal with the teardrop bell cheaply replaced with a Western Cullen Hayes E-Bell.  The impact and the speed 8886 was going (1234 MPH), causes him to de-rail and crash painfully onto his side. Thomas' crew is radioed via the emergency hot-line (999-453-2345), and they couple up to the breakdown train. 8886 is re-railed, but is found so damaged to the point where he is left horribly disfigured and mangled, and has a black eye. He (now truck and fuel tank-less) is placed inside a boxcar "to heal".

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