The Color Girls is a Kids' WB! Original animated series that premiered on September 4, 2004. It is created by Mitchell Lee Schauer (who earlier did Nickelodeon's The Angry Beavers in 1997) and ran for four seasons and one hundred and four episodes until February 23, 2008.

Series Summary

  • It follows the adventures of Beatrice Black (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern), Bella Blue (voiced by Andrea Baker), Georgia Green (voiced by Kari Wahlgren), Bethany Brown (voiced by Jocelyn Loewen), Olivia Orange (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin), Patricia Pink (voiced by Candi Milo, in a Valley Girl accent), Penelope Purple (voiced by Debi Derryberry), Rayna Red (voiced by Eden Sher), Winona White (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) and Yvonne Yellow (voiced by Lara Jill Miller), as they live their middle school lives together. There's also Haley Hot Pink (voiced by Katie Griffin), Ginger Gray (voiced by Tania Gunadi) and Tiffany Turquoise (voiced by Bryn McAuley), as well as Stella The Sun Girl and Luna The Moon Girl (voiced respectively by Andrea Libman and Meghan Black), Ashley The Angel (voiced by Athena Karkanis), Union Jacqueline (voiced by Cassie Scerbo) and Zelda The Wicked Witch (voiced by Barbara Goodson).


  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Beatrice Black
  • Andrea Baker as Bella Blue
  • Kari Wahlgren as Georgia Green
  • Jocelyne Loewen as Bethany Brown
  • Grey Griffin as Olivia Orange
  • Candi Milo as Patricia Pink
  • Debi Derryberry as Penelope Purple
  • Eden Sher as Rayna Red
  • Kelly Sheridan as Winona White
  • Lara Jill Miller as Yvonne Yellow
  • Katie Griffin as Haley Hot Pink
  • Tania Gunadi as Ginger Gray
  • Bryn McAuley as Tiffany Turquoise
  • Andrea Libman as Stella The Sun Girl
  • Meghan Black as Luna The Moon Girl
  • Athena Karkanis as Ashley The Angel
  • Cassie Scerbo as Union Jacqueline
  • Barbara Goodson as Zelda The Wicked Witch


Season 1 (2004-2005)

  1. A Colorful Start (September 4, 2004)
  2. Wayward Weasels (September 11, 2004)
  3. Struck With Loss (September 18, 2004)
  4. Zelda's Potential Spells (September 25, 2004)
  5. Got Energies? (October 2, 2004)
  6. Universes Within Them (October 9, 2004)
  7. Haley's Sunken Treasure (October 16, 2004)
  8. Puppet Frolicks (October 23, 2004)
  9. A Color Girl Halloween (October 30, 2004)
  10. Bunker This Way Out (November 6, 2004)
  11. The Differences Within (November 13, 2004)
  12. Morning Routines (November 20, 2004)
  13. A Turkey For Success (November 27, 2004)
  14. Western Bonanza (December 4, 2004)
  15. Stella Seeks Assistance (December 11, 2004)
  16. Painted Marks (December 18, 2004)
  17. A Color Girl Christmas (December 25, 2004)
  18. A Color Girl New Year (January 1, 2005)
  19. We Rule Everything (January 8, 2005)
  20. Grating Spaces (January 15, 2005)
  21. Disobey Your Orders (January 22, 2005)
  22. Don't Get Too Cocky (January 29, 2005)
  23. Read It, Don't Weep It (February 5, 2005)
  24. A Report For Duty (February 12, 2005)
  25. Finally Falling (February 19, 2005)
  26. Stage Stoppers (February 26, 2005)

Season 2 (2005-2006)

Season 3 (2006-2007)

Season 4 (2007-2008)

Production Companies

  • Gunther Wahl Productions, Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Animation


  • This is the second show to be created by Mitch Schauer, with the first being Cartoon Network's The Angry Beavers.
  • It premiered a year after Friends Forever, which happens to appear in March 2004.
  • Like Marilyn, Hoop-a-Joop, and Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime, it is made with squiggle-vision effects.

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