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Coming of Age is the debut album from rap artist Memphis Bleek. The album's title could be a reference to the Jay-Z song of the same name of which Bleek made his debut as a recording artist.

Track listing

  1. "Pain In Da Ass Intro" – 0:43
  2. "Who's Sleeping" (featuring Reb of D.I.D.R.) – 2:40
  3. "Memphis Bleek Is..." – 4:08
  4. "What You Think of That" (featuring Jay-Z) – 4:40
  5. "Murda 4 Life" (featuring Ja Rule) – 4:47
  6. "You're All Welcome (Pain Interlude)" – 0:37
  7. "Stay Alive in NYC" – 4:14
  8. "You a Thug Nigga" – 4:14
  9. "N.O.W." (featuring Da Ranjahz) – 4:15
  10. "Everybody" (featuring Dark Half of Da Ranjahz) – 4:00
  11. "I Won't Stop" (featuring Dark Half) – 3:07
  12. "My Hood to Your Hood" (featuring Beanie Sigel) – 3:47
  13. "Why You Wanna Hate For?" (featuring N.O.R.E.) – 3:49
  14. "Regular Cat" – 5:10

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