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The Computer Wore Menace Shoes is a sixth Episode of the twelve season of the American Animated Television Series The Simpsons.


  • Moe: Well, if Mr. X were here right now, I'd buy him a tall frosty.
  • Homer: Hey, Moe, can you keep a secret?
  • Moe: No.
  • Homer: Not even a little one?
  • Moe: No!
  • Homer: What if I just whisper it?
  • Moe: No, I tells ya!
  • (Homer moans)
  • Homer: (singing) I've been sittin' on the toliet. All the livelong day.
  • Mr. Burns: Is everything ready for the secret meeting, Smithers?
  • Smithers: Yes, sir.
  • (Smithers gives Mr. Burns a Soap)
  • Mr. Burns: I hope no one finds out about this. It's pure journalistic dynamite!
  • Smithers: Uh, sir, this place could be bugged. Shh.

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