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The Contest is an episode of Case Closed.


Conan and some other anime characters are entering a story making contest. The first one with the best wins.


  • Each of the kids stories that they entered in the contest we're based on various animated programs:
  • When everybody entered there entries, you can see Inspector Meguri in the background.
  • Jimmy wrote his name as "Jimmee".
  • Parodie of Characters from the parodies:
    • Dr. Katz - Dr. Klutz
    • Beavis and Butt-head - Beaker and Bull-head
    • Dexter and Dee Dee - Jester and Amy
    • Super Saiyan - Super Solver
    • The Thing, Flaming Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman - The Thingy, Flaming Zorro, Mr. Foodtastic, Invisible Thief
    • Samurai Jack, Aku - Samurai Ken, Achoo
    • Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson - Ball Simpson, Richard Simpson
  • Marks the first time George ever gets an idea.

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