The Corellian Chronicler is a newsletter edited and published, with the exception of the 11th, 12th, and 16th editions, by Andrew Tylange. (Those editions were edited and published by Hadrius Cul.) It is generally a weekly to biweekly newsletter, although on numerous occasions it has appeared less often. It was given its own forum on the site's homepage after a few editions on SWG3, and on SWSG.

Features include "Board News" (with site stats and new members), "Characters and Stuff", "RP News" (including lists of active topics, summaries of events, and, starting with the 7th edition, the "War Briefs" section), "Stories, Eras, and Duels", "OOC Area" (including games), and "Other" (often including pleas for help).

The 1st through 16th editions were published in SWG3, and the 17th and 18th in SWSG. For the 17th edition, the first on SWSG, the Chronicler was renovated, including a table of contents at the beginning, a more comprehensive organization, and more entertaining writing and feature titles (i.e., Editor's Pleas for Mercy Requests).

Editions, in chronological order:

The following two editions were published in SWSG after a hiatus of several months:

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