The Court of Daiklaves is Quill's personal team of mercenaries, who make their headquarters in Icehome, the capital city of the Haslanti League, which serves as a front for the Silver Pact. How he managed to put the team together is going to be put together in an upcoming fic with the same name.

Motto: When the darkness falls, we are the blades that cut down our foes. When the world cries for a hero, we will answer the call. When we are told to run, we will stand and fight, for the good of all, until the darkness of death beckons us. And then we will fight again. So help us Incarnae.

Mark: All members of the Court of Daiklaves wear orange armbands marked with the Court's logo and name, written in Skytongue glyphs.

Official Members

Hurricane's Quill

Hurricane's Quill is the group's commander, the heir of Garda. He formed the mercenary group after meeting Silver the Hedgehog, during which time he had already begun travelling with Tifa, Midna, and Alicia. His weapons are Dragon Breaker and Akelela, two double-barreled revolvers with hidden blade extensions. His title in the organization is "Grand Daiklave."

Tifa Lockhart


Tifa Lockhart, the Court's XO

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) is the second-in-command of the Court of Daiklaves, using her fists for deadly close-combat efficiency. Tifa and Quill met on a joint mission to Gethamane with the Silver Pact, and have gotten along well since. Her title in the Court is "Skycleaver Daiklave."

Tifa, as Quill's second-in-command, is usually in charge of the outfit whenever Quill's not around. She also works with people to try and avoid unnecessary conflict, usually being directed towards Shinji and Asuka. Known for her smile, she developed a signal system using motions and body language for the Court during stealth operations. Quill relies on this a lot, because when you're hunting chimera or running from Immaculates, knowing a plan without the targets knowing is key.

Alicia Melchiott


Alicia Melchiott

Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles) joined the Court of Daiklaves after the disappearance of Welkin Gunther, her old friend in the Gallian Militia, while he was hunting Darksides that were roaming around Gallia. Her main weapon is her old Gallian A-28 assault rifle, dubbed "The Red Raven," but at Quill's behest, she also wields a ragnite lance and shield that uses her power as a Valkyria. Her title in the Court is "Reaper Daiklave."

Alicia is a fantastic cook, and her dream is to become a baker. Which is good, because she gets a lot of practice with as many people on the Court as there is now. She wears her trademark bandanna to remind her what it is she's fighting for. And although she still won't use it, Alicia has been starting to get control of her Valkyria state. It was first used (albeit reluctantly) in Author Fighters: Fair Folk Assault to empower a ragnite bullet so that it could take down an entire squad of Varajtul barbarians.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog) joined the Court of Daiklaves after his world was destroyed by not Darksides, but instead by the Fair Folk. He uses his gloves and his Chaos Emerald in battle, as well as his telekinetic abilities to help identify friend and foe. It was when Silver joined that HQ first coined the term "Court of Daiklaves" and turn their band of warriors (composed of Alicia, Tifa, Riza, and Lenalee Lee at that time) into a mercenary business. Silver's title is "Switchklave."

Silver is somewhat rash and easily jumps to conclusions, and that will catch some heat from the rest when they accidentally get in trouble. Tifa usually has to be the voice of reason for him when he gets this way, but HQ notes that such actions show that it may be the source of his psychokinesis in some form or another.

Lt. Col. Riza Hawkeye


Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist), a soldier in the Central Army, serves as the markswoman for HQ's Court, and also as the team's senior warrior. She joined the Court at the behest of her superior, Colonel Roy Mustang, to further investigate into the Darkside threat, but also to find someone willing to explore the city of Denandsor, which Roy and Edward Elric believe to be the resting place of a Philosopher's Stone. Riza's title is "Needle Daiklave."

Riza is stern, blunt, and loyal to the end, perhaps even more so to HQ than she is to Colonel Mustang (although she'll deny that to the end, too). Her main weapons are a pair of pistols, although she can use most other weapons with the same kind of accuracy, using the mounted MG turret on one of the Author Fighter's Warthogs in Author Fighters: Fair Folk Assault to take out nearly forty Varajtul outriders at the Battle of Snowflake Point...and she said that she completely botched her aim, to boot.

Clay Bailey


Clay Bailey

Clay Bailey (Xiaolin Showdown), the Xiaolin Dragon of the Earth, is the Court's heavy duty fighter, using the Shen Gong Wu he managed to nab before the Holy Knights destroyed the temple. Clay's friend Raimundo is a part of Team Faust, X Prodigy's solo team, Kimiko of Airnaruto's Golden Dragon Clan, and Omi into Hikari's Hunting Lights. The Shen Gong Wu he carries are the Lasso Boa Boa, Third Arm Sash, Fist of Tebigong, Longhorn Taurus, and Big Bang Meteorang. Clay's title is "Reaver Daiklave."

Clay is a homegrown cowboy, and it shows. He is used to a lot of things that might weird people out or even outright disgust them. In fact, only he, Alicia, and Hurricane's Quill have been shown to enjoy the smell of ramsons, as shown in Author Fighters: Fair Folk Assault.

290px-Ishida Uryuu Episode 271

Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida (BLEACH) is a Quincy, a nigh-extinct race of spiritual destroyers similar to Shinigami, but their method of destruction threatened the balance of the world and the living and the dead and were exterminated, almost with extreme prejuidice in some cases, such as Uryu's grandfather Soken. Uryu has had a long-suffering case of hate against the Shinigami for failing to show up when Soken was overwhelmed by Hollows until fifteen minutes after the fact, something Quill thinks is justified. However, Uryu happened to meet one Ichigo Kurosaki and has since then lessened his hate for the Soul Reapers. Quill offered Uryu a chance to join the Court when his Quincy abilities impressed him on a particular mission, but Uryu declined initially. Once he realized the power of the Deathlords (namely the Walker in Darkness during the Eyes of Denandsor arc) and surprised everyone (including himself) by injuring one of them in the process, Uryu joined ranks with the Court.

As a Quincy, Uryu has expressed extremely fine control over spirit particles, and utilizes them to manifest the trademark Quincy bow, which he uses to fire a number of arrows almost all at once. Rovus has spent much of his time trying to create a modified Sanrei Glove to help increase Uryu's power without utilizing the Letzt Steil, a devastating final form that increases Uryu's power dramatically at the cost of all his power once it expires.

Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryu


Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) are the two newest members of the Court of Daiklaves. Shinji Ikari wields an assault rifle and sometimes carries a weapon called the Magarok E sword, which is classified as a "mundane broad-class daiklave" in HQ's files at the Court of Daiklaves, while Asuka wields a large yari. Both formerly Evangelion pilots for NERV, Shinji and Asuka were found by HQ on the shores of the White Sea near Icehome, who took them back to Court of Daiklaves headquarters. They've been de facto members ever since, despite the fact that HQ has no set purpose for them currently. As such, they have no titles.

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley Soryu

Shinji and Asuka's relationship is tenuous at worst and love-hate at best, according to Alicia. While they can work as team very well, their incessant bickering usually requires Alicia, Tifa, or even HQ himself to break it up before it gets out of hand.




Raiden (Metal Gear Solid) joined the Court of Daiklaves following the events of Author Fighters: Fair Folk Assault, during Thunder and Lightning, Snowfall and Ice arc of the Court of Daiklaves files. He is scheduled to make an appearance in Author Fighters: Year of the Green Sun as a member of Solar Quill's crew aboard the Induraga Mano. In the epilouge of Year of the Green Sun, Raiden is shown conversing with Alicia and Allen, a sign that he's most likely going to join the Court, which may show that he was affected by the paradoxes (he was originally the first mate of Solar Quill's crew).

Raiden has no titles yet, but he carries a number of weapons upon his person, including a katana, two boot knives, a powerful cybernetic body suit, as well as the ability to create lightning.


Nanoha Takamachi (Left) and Fate Testarossa (Right)

Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa

Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) are the Court's liasion officers to the Time Space Administration Bureau, both of them officers of the organization who crossed paths on Earth and became friends not long after. Nanoha and Fate were sent to the Haslanti League to look up possible Lost Logia activity in Creation. At that time, Quill and the Daiklaves were looking up rumors that the Five-Metal Shrike, a powerful and dangerous magitech artifact, had landed in the area near the Haslanti settlement at Diamond Hearth. After the inevitable team-up and usual Court hijinks, Nanoha and Fate decided to stay on the Court, and since then the Court has the two girls to thank for a number of their current jobs.

Although Quill still doesn't like the thought of having (essentially) two third-graders on his team, even he can't deny that Nanoha and Fate's magical technology and abilities have been invaluable to the Court's success. Armed with Raging Heart Excelion (Nanoha) and Bardiche (Fate), the Daiklaves use Nanoha and Fate as a means of magical support in battle and pretty much can do anything the Court needs them to do. The technological aid from the TSAB has also helped Rovus with his magitech research as well.

Rise Kujikawa


Rise Kujikawa

Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4) joined the Court of Daiklaves following the events of the Call Me Onii-Sama OVA. Rise, a hiatus-ed idol, is a Persona User, but her Persona, Kanzeon, is pacifistic by nature and therefore Rise cannot attack with it like most other Persona Users of her type can. However, she does have a unique advantage of Himiko super-charging her sixth-sense when active, and as such became the perfect support coordinator for the Court when her powers were rediscovered in Denandsor.

Rise is quite emotional, and one thing that everybody found out was that Rise and alcohol should never mix. Nobody will say what happened when asked, although at a party with alcohol, every time Rise or someone else mentions the words "King's Game," everyone flinches.

John Marston


John Marston

John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) joined the Court of Daiklaves at the beginning of Crusade of the Damned. A true legend of the Wild West, John was a former outlaw who obtained a conscience during his lawless days and left his gang in search of a life in the desert west. However, the American government was not keen on letting John get a free ride after riding around...well, not after a long penance, anyway, and held his family hostage in search of his former gang, sent to kill them all. John eventually did, and unfortunately, the agents were not so keen on letting him go, and decided to kill him next. However, Quill managed to intervene. In thanks, Quill offered John a chance to join the Court.

John is a master of any firearm, probably even more so than Riza or even Quill himself. His most common weapons are a six-shot revolver, Winchester 30-30, shotgun, throwing knives, and bowie knife. He's also skilled with horses, and even Simhata, the Exalted mount. Quill often wonders what kind of destiny was foisted on John.

Jin Kisaragi


Major Jin Kisaragi, Commander of the 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron

Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue) is a member of the Novis Orbis Librarium (NOL) and a very skilled fighter, and even considered to be a hero in NOL territory for his work in stopping the Ikaruga Federation's rebellion against the NOL. When he was a young boy, he was constantly vying for the attention of his brother, Ragna (as in Ragna the Bloodedge), and bullying his sister Saya as he viewed her as an obstacle to Ragna. Then he got picked up by Terumi Yuuki, AKA Hazama, and was manipulated by him into thinking Ragna was the herald of the Black Beast and eventually cut off Ragna's arm, kidnapped Saya, and burned the church they originally lived into the ground. From there, Jin was adopted into the Kisaragi family and entered the NOL.

Jin is a skilled swordsman with his armagus, the Nox Nyctores Yukianesa, and thus becoming the only other ice wielder in the Court save for Quill. This also leads to bouts of psychosis, so Jubei, in order to further Jin's training in learning to master its true strength.

Garrus archangel

Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) is a turian and former member of C-Sec. After growing disillusioned with C-Sec policy, Garrus went out on his own, eventually signing on as a crime-fighting vigilante under the moniker "Archangel." (He never came up with the name, it was just a name everyone gave him). He eventually signed on with Commander Shepard's mission to defeat the Collectors. Afterward, Garrus went on to do some soul-searching and pursue some other interests. This led him to making contact with Quill and the Daiklaves, offering him a position on the team.

Garrus is a crack shot, and doesn't flinch at the sight of battle. When he's not competing with fellow gunslinger John Marston for headshots with his sniper rifle, he's on the front lines, armed with a pistol and an assault rifle.




Fyuria (Record of Agarest War) is a syrium, a cousin to the drow. Fyuria comes off as cold and aloof, but it's mainly because she wants to maintain the image of being self-sufficient, making her similar to Alicia in that sense. But when the time for battle comes, Fyuria takes her twin knives and goes to town with the rest of the front-line fighters, incontent to second-rank combat with John or Death the Kid. While initially unfriendly to Quill (mainly because she was scared that once the truth about syuriae being creatures of darkness, Quill would shoot her instantly), she's come to open up to him after seeing him countlessly risk his life for the mercs that have become his family.

Fyuria's skills in knife combat are exceptional, surpassing even John. There's also a small betting pool in the Court about whether Fyuria or Aqua will break the ice with Quill first, and the two have a strange rivalry going on.


These are First Age artifacts the Court of Daiklaves has been collecting in years since their inception.

Singing Staff

A knobbly staff of white jade, this staff so rare only seven of these exist in Creation. HQ stole this from Peleps Deled and his Immaculate monks. This staff, when rubbed with a rosined bow (a bow used in a violin or other stringed instrument), has the ability to manipulate earth.

The Induraga Mano

A specially made Haslanti airship, the Induraga Mano is the transportation vehicle of choice for the Court of Daiklaves when traveling through the north.

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