The Crene Cartos is a rock band that Bart, Milhouse and Nelson have preformed.


The Crene Cartos have their first band at Moe's. Moe watches the boys singing. A drunk Barney Gumble diswatches them. They next have their second band, this time at the DMV. The workers watch them. Then the third, but this time, there recording all of their songs one by one at the Treehouse. After all of their songs Bart tells his friends that they are telling their parents about winning a trophy for their band. Just then, the band split up, Bart returned to The Simpsons' home, Nelson to the Muntzs' and Milhouse to The Van Houtens'. At the end, we flashfoward to 2040, The group reunited, this time with their own christmas song but their singing voices are changed to The Chipmunks'


  • The Crene Cartos seem to be a parody of Alvin and the Chipmunks

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