Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
The cover of The Crimson Tide illustrated by Alan Craddock

Location Isles of the Dawn, Titan
Publication details
Author(s) Paul Mason
Illustrator Terry Oakes
Cover illustrator Alan Craddock
First published 1992
Number 47
ISBN ISBN 0-14-034555-8
First published Not Reprinted

The Crimson Tide is the fourty-seventh book in the original Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks published by Puffin Books. It was written by Paul Mason and was published in 1992.


The Crimson Tide is set in the Isles of the Dawn in the southern hemisphere of Titan. The events of the book take place after those described in a previous book, Black Vein Prophecy. The player character begins as a young child whose father has been killed and whose mother has been kidnapped by mercenaries. The story follows the child's progression towards adulthood and revenge.

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