The Crownless Kings are an organization that have influence in nearly every nation across the globe. They are an elusive group, with several headquarters scattered throughout the globe. They have hundreds of agents around the the world to monitor allies and enemies. The main goal of the organization is to return the leader, Kizaru, to full power. The power behind the organization is the Ranks; eleven skilled assassins, as well as the sixteen Colossi. They are the main enemies of Faust-ZERO, and have clashed on several occasions.

Rank 10: Kevin

Rank 9: Arakune

Rank 8: Quickstrike

Rank 7: Mewtwo

Rank 6: Number Six

Rank 5: Big Daddy

Rank 4: Youngblood

Rank 3: Gecko Moria

Rank 2: Alduin

Rank 1: Yami

Rank 0: Kizaru

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