Warner Bros. Presents The Daffy Duck Show, usually referred as The Daffy Duck Show, was an animated series created by Warner Bros. It was created as a spin-off of Bugs 'n Daffy, the highly popular collaboration between Darrell Van Critters and the newly reborn Warner Bros. Feature Animation studio, but concentrating attention mainly on Daffy Duck. The show ran for three seasons and 65 episodes from November 1996 to January 1999, when the series ended production after Kids' WB! acquired rights to Bugs 'n Daffy's third season.

Of the 65 episodes, almost every episode, as well as the premiere episode entitled Return of Duck Dodgers, was original to the series. A few episodes of the series were compilations of shorts produced for Bugs 'n Daffy, even though some of the cartoons aired on The Daffy Duck Show first.

The theme song is a rendition of the Bugs 'n Daffy theme, set to the same music, but with Daffy himself as the subject of the song. Some of the lyrics were reused in Bugs 'n Daffy's 67th episode and first holiday special, "It's A Wonderful Bugs 'n Daffy Christmas Special".

After the series ended, the original episodes were somewhat edited and added as episodes of Bugs 'n Daffy. The show's formula was attempted by Warner Bros. Animation's first two series, Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. (Both are Speilberg-produced animated series and first collaborations with Warner Bros. Animation), Plucky Duck and Pinky and the Brain were both given their own series (Plucky Duck's series ended after just thirteen episodes, and P&TB had a similar result like The Daffy Duck Show, both series airing for 65 episodes.)

Episode List

  1. The Return of Duck Dodgers (aired 11/22/96)

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