Date Guest Promotion
January 9 Richard Lewis N/A
January 11 Guest Host Stephen Colbert,
Julia Stiles
January 29 David Boreanaz N/A
February 13 Kermit the Frog Nothing in particular; although mention was made of a new Muppet series which never went into production.
April 11 Damon Wayans
August 2 Janeane Garofalo N/A
August 14 John Carpenter Ghosts of Mars
August 15 Seth Green Rat Race
August 16 Fabio Bubble Boy
August 23 Kevin Smith Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
September 10 They Might Be Giants Mink Car (clips from this show can be seen in the movie Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns))
September 11 Dave Navarro (Was scheduled guest but show never aired.) N/A
September 20 None (Post 9/11 Clip Show)
September 24 Frank Rich N/A
September 25 Aaron Brown N/A
September 26 Jeff Greenfield N/A
September 27 Tenacious D Tenacious D (album)
October 1 Kelsey Grammer N/A
October 2 Jim Belushi N/A
October 5 Paul Rudd N/A
December 10 Stephen Colbert as Al Sharpton (Sharpton was booked on the show as a guest; but when he did not appear Stewart conducted the interview with Colbert in his place, answering questions as if he were Sharpton) N/A
December 11 Dave Gorman Are You Dave Gorman?

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