The Damaged Idol is the 22nd and one-hour episode of the sixth season of The Simpsons. It originally aired on April 30, 1995. In the Episode, the Idol with the damaged Head given to Explorer W.R. Pooker from Spain was stolen from the Museum of International History and Homer decides to form a giant Group of Explorers to retrieve the Idol to get it back. Meanwhile, Corporal Diaz, Ramon Bada and Alonso Perez are after the Idol as well, because a Gemstone stolen by Harry is hidden in the Idol. Richard Dreyfuss (as Corporal Diaz), Cheech Marin (as Ramon Bada), Tommy Chong (as Alonso Perez), Matthew Broderick (as Tintin), Robin Williams (as Captain Haddock), Eric Idle (as Thomson), Terry Jones (as Thompson), Marty Feldman (as Sophocles Sarcophagus), Harvey Korman (as Zloty), Steve Martin (as Jolyon Wagg), John Cleese (as Nestor), Henry Winkler (as W.R. Pooker), Leonardo DiCaprio (as Harry), Christopher Plummer (as Ridgewell), Jason Alexander (as Senhor Oliveira Da Figueira), Ernie Sabella (as Professor Euclide), Christopher Lloyd (as General Alcazar), Dana Carvey (as General Tapioca), Gilbert Gottfried (as Rodrigo Tortilla), Mike Myers (as Pepito Tortilla), Paul Reubens (as R.W. Trickler), Harvey Fierstein (as Museum Curator, Paul Goldger) and Steve Allen (as Martin Schopper) guest star in the Episode.

It was written by Joshua Sternin and Jeffery Ventimilia, based on the Story Idea by Al Jean, Mike Reiss and John Swartzwelder and was the first Episode directed by Steven Dean Moore. It's also guest animated by D.B. Sweeney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Don Bluth and Kent Butterworth.

The Episode won two Emmys including Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program and Outstanding Voice-Over Performance.


Homer was cooking Breakfast when he heard the News on the Radio that the Idol with the Damaged Head has been stolen at the Museum.


Musuem Announcer: The Museum is Closing! The Museum is Closing!

British Archeologist: Goodness me. It's Five O'Clock already.

Museum Announcer: The Springfield Museum of Ethnography is now Closed! 

Rodrigo Tortilla: He's gone. Let's go.

Pepito Tortilla: There it is.

Rodrigo and Pepito Tortilla: You're ours now.

Paul Goldger: THE IDOL!!! IT'S GONE!!

Homer Simpson: Knees Bent, Arms Tall Stretch, Stretch.

Captain Haddock: Up, Down, Up, Down. Morning, Bart.

Bart Simpson: Great Greedy Guts!

Tintin: This is the way to wake up in the Morning.

Thompson: We're getting kinda Hungry, Homer.

Thomson: To be precise, we are getting a bit Hungrier, Homer.

Homer Simpson: How about Breakfast. It will give us more Muscles to feel the Warmth.

Dr. Sarcophagus: Wonder what's on the News? Let's turn on the Radio.

Professor Euclide: Of course. See if there's any Incredible News to hear.

Radio Announcer: And now we bring you the New York Radio News Flash!! Details are just coming in of a Robbery at the Springfield Musuem of Ethnogrophy!

Company: What?!!!

Radio Announcer: A rare Polish Statue - a sacred Tribal Object - disappeared during the Night. It is believed that the Thieves hid in the Musuem at Closing Time. No evidence of the Break-in has been found. The Police are investigating further.

Paul Goldger: The Idol has no exquisite Value, but historically it's a catastrophe of many proportions.

Ramon Bada: Missed again.

Poopy: Croc! Missed again. Missed again.

Ramon Bada: Shut up, Stupid Bird.

Alonso Perez: Right now the Stupid Bird is smarter than you, Ramon.

Ramon Bada: If he's so smart, why hasn't he told us who killed Nelson Muntz.

Alonso Perez: Sooner or later, he will.

Poopy: Missed again. Croc!

Ramon Bada: Shut up!

Poopy: Missed again. Croc!

Alonso Perez: Fool, that Bird means a fortune to us. Without it, we may never find the real Idol.

Alonso Perez: Ramon, look at him.

Ramon Bada: What about him?

Alonso Perez: Couldn't that be Simpson in disguise?

Ramon Bada: It is possible, but....

Steward: Say Chaps! Have you heard? Those Bullies from the Springfield Elementary i was telling you about last night! They've disappeared

Picaros: Long Live the Revolution! Long Live General Alcazar!

Coporal Diaz: Now i could have sworn that it would've blown up by.... YAAHOOHOOOO!!!!!!

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