The Dancing Shadow Digimon

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The Dancing Shadow Digimon is the eleventh episode of Digimon Adventure

The English version is written by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman



Joe: Twenty Minutes is not much later! Please tell me that there is still some Food in the Bag!

Gomamon: Well no, since you can't handle eating and floating in the ocean at the same time, i ate it all. Besides i need Food to Digivolve in case we run into bad Digimon.

Joe: So have we seen any bad Digimon? No! If i starve who are you gonna protect?!

Gomamon: That's quite enough about food.

Joe: Oh, Snakes!

Gomamon: Things'll get better soon, hang in there buddy.

Joe and Gomamon: WOAH!!!

The Mask: Hello guys! Need a little help!

Joe and Gomamon: Better late than never!

Grovermon: Mind if we get a lift?

Joe and Gomamon: I don't see why not?!

The Mask: Just as we thought, you did take us somewhere. And creepy too.


Joe: What kind of Sickos do you think we are?

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