About The Dating Guy

The Dating Guy” is a half-hour animated comedy about the single life of twenty-somethings in the city.

Meet Mark, Woody, Sam, and VJ. They live in a sort of in-between world. They’ve finished school and are living on their own, but they haven’t settled down yet or even accrued much of a bank account. They’re essentially living life day to day. Kind of broke. Kind of directionless.

Each week, one or more of them find themselves exploring the dating world in one way or another. Sometimes it’s twins, sometimes it’s conjoined twins (which is way less awesome than it sounds) and sometimes it’s a shameful night at home with the palm twins.

Main Characters

  1. Mark Dexler
  2. VJ Mendhi
  3. Woody Jenkins
  4. Sam Goldman

Other Characters

  1. Anderson Anderson
  2. Celia
  3. Vince
  4. Wang
  5. Vikram Cha Cha
  6. Irwin Chang
  7. Falafel Guy
  8. Randy
  9. Brian Booyah
  10. Denise
  11. Bryce
  12. Ursula
  13. Zorro

Episodes 1-26

  1. Bonnie & Mark
  2. Beaver Fever
  3. Boner Doner
  4. A Taste of Wang
  5. Statue of Limitations
  6. Yummy Dummy
  7. Really Bad Lieutenant
  8. Captain Petard
  9. <u>There's Something About Amelia
  10. Cherry Sundae
  11. Woodyplicity
  12. Wind Tunnel
  13. Deranged Marriage
  14. <u>24-ish
  15. The Perfect 10 Killer
  16. The Incredible Shrinking Woody
  17. Ass-Pocalypse Now
  18. Leprechaun Interrupted
  19. Gross Encounters of the Virgin Kind
  20. V.J. and the Holy Boner
  21. Spontänioûs Skidmark
  22. Spanking the Monkey
  23. Brother From Another Tanning Booth
  24. Too Fast, Too Dexler
  25. Weekend at Booyah's
  26. 20,000 V.J.'s Under the Sea

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