Cast and Story and Script


After Strong Bad isn't convinced that Decemberween is fun, he gets a visit from 3 spirits of Decemberween.


  • Strong Bad as Scrooge
  • The Cheat as Tiny Tim
  • Homestar Runner as Bob Cratchit
  • Marzipan as Emily Cratchit
  • Strong Sad as Fred
  • Strong Mad as Jacob Marley
  • Coach Z as The Ghost of Decemberween Past
  • King of Town as The Ghost of Decemberween Present
  • The Poopsmith as The Ghost of Decemberween Future
  • Pom Pom and Bubs as The Charity Men
  • The Soapsmith as Narrator
  • Homsar as Peter Cratchit
  • Stinkoman and The Homestar Runner as Grave Diggers


Homestar Runner: Hey, Strong Bad!

Strong Bad: What?

Homestar Runner: Can I borrow your fondue pot?

Strong Bad: Someone stole my fondue pot!

Homestar Runner: But tomorrow is Decemberween!

Strong Bad: I say Decemberween isn't much fun!

Homestar Runner: But it can be!

(Doorbell rings)

Strong Bad: (opens the door) Well, if it isn't my little nephew. What do you want?

Strong Sad: I just wanted to invite you to Decemberween tomorrow to dine with me.

Strong Bad: I don't need Decemberween. Who needs Decemberween?



  • This is loosely based on "The Christmas Carol".

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