The Delgado Family includes Hoss, Eris, Isis, Ace, Seth, and Aurora. They live in a mansion outside of endsville Eris still does chaos but she also still works a The Flap Burger and Hoss still a spectral exterminator .

Isis- is the older one she has yellow hair and style like her mom as well as her powers she also wears an bandage on her face. She hopes to be just like her mom eris doing the most evil chaos she also spend most of her time learn from her mom. She is her mom's favorite and the one that she wants to used the Apple of Discord.

Ace- is the second of oldest he was the same hair color has his dad and a eye patch to also well as the same power has his mom. He wants to be just like his dad hoss but his mom eris think because he and the rest of them have her powers he should be training with her but as long as he is happy with eater one of them. But he still train with his mom along with the other when when eris is at work. He is his dad favorite.

Seth- the comes third he has the same hair color as his mom eris, her powers, and a eye patch like his dad hoss he wants to be like his mom and dad that's why when eris is at work he trains with his dad along with ace and trains with his mom when she is at home.

Aurora- is the youngest who has the same hair color as her dad but a hair style her mom and her powers. She wants to be just like her mom and works had to be as evil and chaosedit as she can be.

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