The (Big )Diesel D261(/D4711) (20th May 1956 - 30th September 2002) is a diesel from the Other Railway who came to the North Western Railway as a spare engine, he insulted the steam engines but then a bowler hat got stuck in his intake afterwards and he broke down when heading towards his coaches

Birth: May 20, 1956

Death: September 30, 2002 (aged 46)

Relatives: Old Stuck Up (brother), D199 (presume cousin)

Allies: Diesel, Old Stuck-Up, D199

Enemies: Duck, Stepney, Thomas, James, Donald, Douglas, Gordon, Henry, Percy

Fate: Leaves Sodor without permission leaving a nasty smell and a battered bowler hat (later makes numerous appearences in the magazines)

Gallery (anyone may add pictures)

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