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The Digiteam Complete is the second episode of Digimon Adventure 2.

The English Version is written by Adolph Green and Betty Comden.




Tai: Where are we?

T.K.: This is the Computer Room.

Izzy: You mean Captain Hook?

The Mask: I can't take this anymore! I want to go home! What are we gonna do?!

Captain Hook: Blast this Hook!!!

Davis: Scurvy Codfish! Captain James Hook! I'll cut off his right hand and throw him to the hungry Crocodile. Or my name isn't Peter Pan.

The Mask: (As Captain Hook) Yarr! I got you now! Prepare to meet thy doom, Peter Pan!

Davis: (As Peter Pan) Have at thee, Captain Hook.

(They start a Pirate style sword fight.)

Veemon: (As Mr. Smee) Give it to him Captain! Cleave him to the Brisket!

The Mask: (As Captain Hook) I got you this time, Pan. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I've been tricked!

Davis: (As Peter Pan) Well, well, well. A Codfish on a Hook.

The Mask: (As Captain Hook) I'll get you for this Pan! If it's the last thing i do!

Genie: Oh WOW!!! What a performance of a life time! How did you ever learn to do it?

Davis: You probably didn't know. I watch Peter Pan lots of times.

Genie: An original homage, you Mask are a magnificent Captain Hook.

The Mask: It's all in the Script.

Genie: As for you Veemon, you did a wonderful job doing Mr. Smee.

Veemon: Learned it from the Mask.

Genie: And i'll bet that this will be real when we finally have a battle with the Enemies. A fight between Good and Evil.

Willis: You will be like a real-life Peter Pan when you battle against the real Captain Hook.

Davis: Only i wouldn't use so much Pixie Dust. It's either that or i'm loosing my Shadow.

Hawkmon: Settle down!

Iago: That's enough of this Popsicle Stand! Let's go back home!

Davis: Right, Iago.

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