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  • Elmo and Grover wearing Winter Costumes
  • A St. Bernard helps Zork down a snowy hill, later finding out that Zork wanted to go skiing.
    Artist: ArtistMike [1]
  • Elmo and Grover wearing Caveman Costumes
  • Kids talk about how they like sledding down snowy hills. [2]
  • "D, You're de Letter For Me" [3]
  • Zoe Screaming and Dinosaur Growling
  • "The African Animal Alphabet" [4]
  • Telly Says the Caveman Party and Walking
  • Journey to Ernie : Dinosaur Age [5]
  • Elmo says I Didn't the Never by Place i Never by Fell
  • A man break-dances around the number 0, [6]
  • Grover says Elmo's World
  • Elmo's World : Dinosaurs [7]
  • Elmo says I Didn't and Grover says the Letter D. and Telly says the Number 0. and Telly and Zoe says Goodbye

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