The Dinosaur Parade is one of the seven events and perhaps the most iconic of them. It consists of a series of dinosaurs which march past in two similiar to Noah's Ark. Shown in the very first episode Cody's Bicycle, it is also the first event to appear.

The CGI Dinosaurs in this event are follows:



















The Dinosaur Parade appears in some various episodes. They are:

Cody's Bicycle (No Triceratops Sound due to the triceratops sound scene being removed)

Making Flowers (Has Triceratops sound)

Mowgli and Bagheera (US Version-Has Triceratops sound)

Balancing (No Triceratops Sound due to the triceratops sound scene being removed)

Rolling (Has Triceratops sound)

Tweet Tweet (Has Triceratops sound)

Going for a Walk (Has Triceratops sound)

Digging In The Sand for Sandshrews (Has Triceratops sound)

Sand Pendulum (Has Triceratops sound)

Numbers - 8 (Has Triceratops sound)

Level Crossing (Has Triceratops sound)

Girafarig (Has Triceratops sound)

Piplup (US Version-Has Triceratops sound)

Mandir Temple (No Triceratops Sound)

Feeding the Aipom (Has Triceratops sound)

Rollerblading (No Triceratops Sound)

Playing With Dough (US Version-No Triceratops Sound)

Tauros and Miltank (No Triceratops Sound)

Skitty (No Triceratops Sound)

Spinarak (No Triceratops Sound)

Twirlers (No Triceratops Sound)

Tepig (No Triceratops Sound)

Purrloin's Night Out (No Triceratops Sound)

Mary Had a Little Mareep (Has Triceratops sound)

Handshapes - Turkey (No Triceratops Sound)

Crawling (US Version-Has Triceratops sound)

Dinosaur Rhythms (No Triceratops Sound)

Asian Storyteller (Has Triceratops sound)

African Dance (Has Triceratops sound)

Here Come the PixarTubbies (Video) (Has Triceratops sound)

PixarTubbies: Happy Birthday (Has Triceratops sound)


The sketch starts with Spore Galaxy spinning for a bit longer than usual. The tune when the Spore Galaxy spins ends as the PixarTubbies then arrive silently at a place in PixarLand. Jirachi starts to giggle and laugh, being so excited. The PixarTubbies then hear the sound of triceratops sound, and so they venture off to the destination of the event. The PixarTubbies climb a hill. They then gasp as they get to the top of the hill and see a group of CGI Dinosaurs marching in the distance two by two (like it is similar to Noah's Ark). As the PixarTubbies watch the dinosaurs, it is revealed they are in a parade. The camera then zooms to a path in a field where it came from march past in twos, The following dinosaurs are tyrannosaurus, allosaurus, gallimimus, pelecanimimus, velociraptor, deinonychus, triceratops, styracosaurus, corythosaurus, parasaurolophus, pteranodon, quetzalcoatlus, stegosaurus, kentrosaurus, apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, hypsilophodon and dryosaurus - there are 18 kinds of dinosaurs and each of these nine. The tune changes like the sounds of each dinosaur, loud and dramatic for the tyrannosaurus, allosaurus, apatosaurus and brachiosaurus, slow and low for the triceratops, styracosaurus, stegosaurus and kentrosaurus, a slow, high-pitched African-like tune for velociraptor and deinonychus (there are lots of snakes and music in Africa), a quick waddling tune for the gallimimus and pelecanimimus, soft and sweet for the corythosaurus, parasaurolophus, pteranodon and quetzalcoatlus and a quick nature tune for the hypsilophodon and dryosaurus. The Dinosaurs continue to march through PixarLand in twos while the tune plays until the camera cuts to a far away view of a hill. The dinosaurs march out of the horizon and magically disappear in the correct order. The tune then ends and the dinosaurs magically vanish out of sight, with their shadows first dark, then light, then completly transparent. The empty hill is shown for 2-3 seconds and The Spore Galaxy stops spinning.

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