The story takes place ten years after the beginning of The Young Adventurers. Gower, the grand mage of Gielinor, sent his ambassador Eric to Lore. However, Eric is attacked by several people who blindly hate all Gielinorians. He flees to his home realm and writes a letter to the grand mage. suggesting war.

The next day, Warlic, the archmage of Lore, broadcasts the rude message Gower sent. Gower demands that ten diplomats must go to Gielinor and meet him, or he will wage war on Lore. The armor of Gielinor is much stronger than that of Lore's. However, nobody wants to go, not even when Crystal Lion says it is better to go peacefully.

Cyrus heard Crystal's opinion and tells Moon Called as well as Ijuan to catch her. She is made into a diplomat along with Skye Sharpe, Guardian Pat, Smbdoll and Cyrus himself. These are the main diplomats of the story.

After that, they ended up in Gielinor. What fate lies for them? The saga is unfinished.

Reason for writing.

TDoL was written to address the issue of hating someone just because he or she plays a game you dislike. Some games may not be your liking, but the people playing them might be good friends. Thus one must not simply hate people for liking what you dislike.

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