The Disney Bunch is a Disney Spoof to The Brady Bunch, complete with shows on Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior.


  1. Principal Irving Slimovitz as Mike Brady (Jim Rash)
  2. Julie Kane as Carol Brady (Kate Micucci)
  3. Penn Zero as Greg Brady (Thomas Middleditch)
  4. Jake Long as Peter Brady (Dante Basco)
  5. Todd Daring as Bobby Brady (Nancy Cartwright)
  6. Amethyst Giger as Marcia Brady (Grey Griffin)
  7. Star Butterfly as Jan Brady (Eden Sher)
  8. Goldie Locks as Cindy Brady (Natalie Lander)
  9. Mara as Alice Nelson (Mandy Moore)


  • Kidz Bop Kids: Here's a story

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