The Disneysons: Crandall Versus Thanksgiving is a Disney spoof to the Simpsons episode entitled: Bart Versus Thanksgiving.


  1. Aladdin as Homer Simpson (Scott Weinger)
  2. Julie Kapulsky as Marge Simpson (Kate Miccuci)
  3. Crandall Parker as Bart Simpson (Spencer Breslin)
  4. Rosemary Ellen Knight as Lisa Simpson (Kathryn Cressida)
  5. Dirtbike Funnie as Maggie Simpson (Fred Newman)
  6. Lao Shi as Abraham Simpson (Keone Young)
  7. Bolt as Santa's Little Helper (John Travolta)
  8. Claire Snickers as Patty Bouvier (Dana Davis)
  9. Foxy Brooks as Selma Bouvier (Jennifer Hale)
  10. Grandma Diaz as Jacqueline Bouvier (Grey Griffin)
  11. Bonkers D. Bobcat as Lou (Jim Cummings)
  12. Gruffi Gummi as Eddie (Corey Burton)
  13. Chauncey Pesky as Kent Brockman (Brian Doyle-Murray)
  14. Stan Woozle as Charles Montgomery Burns (Ken Sanson)
  15. Heff Heffalump as Waylon Smithers (Chuck McCann)


Act 1

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