The Doggies
The doggies logo
titleThe Doggies
the one wherethe doggies get their powers for the first time.
written byBrett Barnett
titleThe Doggies
charactersTheodore Ruff
Leroy Ruff
Penny Ruff
Smudges McFiddle
preceded byTales of the Meowsie Domain.
followed byTin Thing


WARNING: Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot, storyline, character, etc., details.

Pre Witched

Leroy, Theo and Penny Ruff go by there lives like normal, messing things up, buying things, building things, and reading. Leroy is working on a school project while Theo is working on some wierd project of his own. Then something strange happens and changes their lives forever...

Be Witched

Theo discovers their old family secret that every one of their reletives for the past 6 generations, all the way back to Toto Ruff, have been witches and wizards, with magical powers over the element. Then they themselve gain powers and soon they end up in more trouble than they expected when a strange man shows up claiming to be the Boogeyman, and Leroy's life is put in danger.

The Meowsie Books
The Doggies | Tin Thing
Tales of the Meowsie Domain
Zoonah Chronicles
The Past Bites

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