The Dork Diaries is a Universal Kids original series that premiered on September 1, 2019. the show is scheduled to air 39 half-hour episodes over 3 seasons. Each episode contains 2 11-minute segments.


  • Follow the adventures of Nikki Maxwell and her family and friends, along with Max Crumbly and the whole South Ridge gang, as they live their universes together.


Dork Diaries Side

  1. Nikki Maxwell (Danielle Nicolet)
  2. Brianna Maxwell (Emma Salzman)
  3. Elizabeth Maxwell (Melissa Mabie)
  4. Albert Maxwell (Ben Diskin)
  5. Brandon Roberts (Robbie Daymond)
  6. Mackenzie Hollister (Olivia Charles)
  7. Jessica Hunter (Kate Higgins)
  8. Violet Baker (Jonquil Goode)
  9. Chloe Garcia (Sarah Anne Williams)
  10. Zoey Franklin (Kimberly Woods)
  11. Marcy Simms (Cristina Milizia)
  12. Theodore Swagmire III (Bryce Papenbrook)
  13. Lisa Wang (voiced by Stephanie Sheh)
  14. Sarah Grossman (voiced by G.K Bowes)
  15. Cherilyn "Cher" Thompson (voiced by Andrea Baker)
  16. Principal Russell Winston (voiced by Cam Clarke)



Season 1 (2019-20)

Season 2 (2020)

Production Companies

  1. Karrot Animation
  2. Studiopolis Inc.
  3. Aladdin Entertainment


  1. Voice Casting and Dialogue Director - Jamie Simone
  2. Dialogue Recordist - Suzanne Goldish
  3. Foley Mixer - Paul Guiver
  4. Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Designer - Ben Hood


  • The show is animated in Flash and Adobe CC.
  • Each segment is about 11 minutes.