The Dragon Slayers is the seventh episode of the fourteenth season of Pokémon Puzzle League. It aired on October 23, 2010.


  • Ash discovers a book when he and Mary are at the library. Brock, Dawn, Kevin, Goku and Penny like the attitude and they set off in search of dragons. Along the way, they meet up with the Battle Brawlers and Brock is quick to propose to Mira, but Croagunk gives him a poison jab and drags him out. Penny admits that Alice is famous. But however, Team Rocket and The Greaser Dogs try to be filled with dragons, but to no avail. After that, Dan thanks Our Friends.


From Pokémon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Sarah Natochenny)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Brock (Bill Rogers)
  4. Dawn (Emily Jenness)
  5. Jessie (Michele Knotz)
  6. James (Jimmy Zoppi)
  7. Meowth (Jimmy Zoppi)
  8. Wobbuffet (Kayzie Rogers)

From Krypto The Superdog

  1. Kevin Whitney (Alberto Ghisi)

From Dragonball Z

  1. Goku (Sean Schemmel)

From WarioWare

  1. Penny Crygor (Kelly Sheridan)

From CatDog

  1. Cliff Feltbottom (Tom Kenny)
  2. Lube Ignatius (Carlos Alazraqui)
  3. Shriek Dubois (Maria Bamford)

From Bakugan

  1. Dan Kuso (Scott McCord)
  2. Shun Kazami (Zachary Bennett)
  3. Marucho Marukura (Joanne Vannicola)
  4. Runo Misaki (Julie Lemieux)
  5. Joe Brown (Travis Ferris)
  6. Mira Clay (Alyson Court)
  7. Julie Makimoto (Katie Griffin)
  8. Alice Gehabich (Emilie-Claire Barlow)


  • Who's That Pokémon: Tangrowth.
  • Pokémon-a-Long: You and Me and Pokémon.
  • This is the first time where dragons are told.
  • The Battle Brawlers debut.
  • It is revealed that Mira has a brother.


  • (The episode opens with The Sinnoh League Victors theme playing)
  • Chorus: It's about you, It's about me, It's about hope, It's about dreams. It's about friends that work together, To claim their destiny. It's about reaching for the sky, (Pokémon) Having the courage, And willing to try. It's about never giving up, So hold your head up, And we will carry on, (Sinnoh League Victors) Pokémon!
  • (The episode starts with Ash and Mary at the library)
  • Narrator: Today, we find Ash and his sister Mary enjoying a book search at a local library.
  • Ash: These books look cool.
  • Pikachu: Pika.
  • Mary: It's about tales of fantasy.
  • Ash: Of course.
  • (Ash notices a book that says: Dragons)
  • Ash: I'll show it to Brock and the others.
  • Mary: Good idea.
  • (The title card appears)
  • Ash: The Dragon Slayers.
  • (We find Ash and Mary showing the others a book)
  • Brock: Wow, it's a book about dragons.
  • Dawn: What does it tell?
  • Ash: It tells a tale about breathing fire and other stuff.
  • Kevin: Wow, you're an expert.
  • Goku: I can hardly tell about dragons.
  • Penny: You're a good one, Ash.
  • Ash: Thanks, Penny.
  • (The Battle Brawlers arrive)
  • Dan: What's up, guys?
  • Ash: The Battle Brawlers are here!
  • Brock: (with his eyes turned into hearts) My darling Mira!
  • Mira: Huh?
  • Brock: (proposing to Mira) You look like a resistance brawler from out of the blue. Shall I marry you?
  • Mira: But I...
  • (Croagunk jabs him in a complete hit)
  • Brock: That's gonna leave a mark.
  • (He falls to the ground, and Croagunk drags him away)
  • Kevin: Pardon about Brock, but we're looking forward to dragons.
  • Shun: Very clever I hear.
  • Ash: You know about fantasies.
  • Marucho: Why yes, Ash. Dragons exist in people's imaginations.
  • Runo: And they can breathe fire like you said.
  • Ash: Uh huh.
  • Joe: You can know about dragons that exist here.
  • Julie: And you can be part of the dragon slayers too.
  • Ash: Then I'm in.
  • Mary: Me too.
  • Alice: It's so nice to have you two as dragon slayers.
  • Brock: See, I told you.
  • Goku: A good slayer.
  • (Team Rocket and The Greasers eye on the gang)
  • Jessie: Cool.
  • Cliff: Dragon slayers.
  • James: We'd say it's our duty to steal the book.
  • Lube: And be as good as our fantasies.
  • Meowth: We can grab the book.
  • Shriek: And achieve it.
  • Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet.
  • (In the Who's That Pokémon segment)
  • Crowd: Who's That Pokémon? It's Tangrowth!
  • Tangrowth: Tangrowth.
  • (Back with Ash and the others)
  • Ash: These are dragons.
  • Dan: Great.
  • Ash: They come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Runo: You'd be happy to help, Ash.
  • Mira: A good dragon slayer means a helpful trainer.
  • Ash: Ah, thanks.
  • Dudley: Hello, guys.
  • Ash: Dudley The Dragon.
  • Dawn: But what are you doing?
  • Kevin: Your show has been cancelled way back in 1999.
  • Penny: Remember?
  • Dudley: No need to worry, I've been having good times with Barney.
  • Runo: Barney's a dinosaur.
  • Alice: Good thinking.
  • Dudley: There are other dragons coming here.
  • Jane's Dragon: Like me.
  • Ash: Wow, that's interesting.
  • (Team Rocket and The Greasers fling into the scene)
  • Kevin: Hey, what's happening!?
  • Jessie: Listen, is that a voice I hear?
  • Cliff: I see.
  • James: It speaks to all four of us loud and clear.
  • Lube: And we heard it.
  • Jessie: On the wind.
  • Cliff: Over the forest.
  • James: Past the stars.
  • Lube: Through the woods.
  • Meowth and Shriek: In your ears and eyes.
  • Jessie: Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace.
  • Cliff: And also mayhem.
  • James: Dashing hope putting fear in its place.
  • Lube: And also bravery.
  • Jessie: A rose by any other name is just as sweet.
  • Cliff: And cruel.
  • James: When everything's worse our work is complete.
  • Lube: And done.
  • Jessie: Jessie.
  • Cliff: Cliff.
  • James: James.
  • Lube: And Lube.
  • Meowth: Meowth, now that's a name.
  • Shriek: Don't forget Shriek.
  • Jessie: Putting the do-godders in your place.
  • Cliff: And the de-badders too.
  • James: We're Team Rocket.
  • Lube: And The Greasers.
  • All: And we're in your face.
  • Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet.
  • Ash: Team Rocket!
  • Kevin: And The Greaser Dogs!
  • Dan: I remember you guys now, you're thieves.
  • Jessie: That's right. We can assure you about dragons.
  • Cliff: We can be mighty and strong.
  • James: It's our favor for dragons.
  • Lube: And we deserve it.
  • Mira: I won't allow this.
  • Ash: All right then, it's a battle. Infernape, Staraptor, go!
  • (Infernape and Staraptor appear)
  • Jessie: Seviper, I choose you.
  • James: Carnivine, go!
  • (Seviper appears, but Carnivine eats James)
  • James: You fool, it's no buffet!
  • Dan: This is it, a cool battle.
  • Jessie: Seviper, Poison tail.
  • James: Carnivine, bullet seed.
  • (Seviper and Carnivine launch their attacks, to no effect)
  • Jessie and James: What the!?
  • Ash: It's no use against these Pokémon. Infernape, flame wheel and Staraptor, aerial ace!
  • (Infernape and Staraptor launch their attacks, and Seviper and Carnivine are struck, as they land on Jessie and James)
  • Cliff: Hey!
  • Jane's Dragon: Eat this!
  • (He breathes fire at both trios and sends them flying)
  • Team Rocket and The Greasers: We're blasting off again!
  • Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
  • (A ding is shown)
  • Ash: We did it!
  • Mary: Hooray!
  • Dan: You won. Now your mother will be so proud.
  • Ash: Thank you.
  • (That evening)
  • Ash: I was glad dragons can be in fantasies.
  • Kevin: Me too.
  • Brock: (hanging his head down) Heartbroken, for the sake of love.
  • Goku: Don't worry, you'll find another girl someday.
  • Dan: Bye, Ash. Take care.
  • Ash: Bye, Dan.
  • Kevin and The Others: Bye everyone.
  • The Battle Brawlers: Bye for now.
  • Narrator: Thanks to Ash, dragons are really in fantasies, and now our friends continue onward for their next adventure.
  • (The To Be Continued card appears as the episode ends)
  • (In the Pokémon-a-Long segment)
  • Crowd: It's time for the Pokémon-a-Long!
  • (You and Me and Pokémon plays)
  • Chorus: The magic feeling, never let me down, I've got the greatest friends that ever could be found. Across every river, behind every tree, On top of every mountain, they're a part of you and me! (One world) One world - now and forever! (Best friends) Best friends, loyal and true! (One dream) One dream, put side by side, There's nothing we can't do! (We live) We live, always together, Sharing the same bright sun! You & Me & Pokémon!
  • (You and Me and Pokemon ends)

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