This is the Monsters, Inc. by Crash Bandicoot.


N Gin: But, but, sir!

Voice: Good night, sweetheart.

Dragon: Night, Dad.

Cortex: Crystals, of course.

Coco: No, Cortex, no, no!

Crash: Aw, for Pete's sake!

She went near where the dragon was.

N Trophy: Now, give us a big, loud roar.

N Gin: N Trophy, there's no time for this.

N Trophy: Come on. What are you waiting for? Roar!

N Gin: But, but, but, sir!

N Trophy: Roar! (shakes Crash) Roar like you can scare her!

Crash yelped in his shaken.

N Gin: Mmm, mm! Rooooooaaaaaaaar!

Dragon: Aaaaaaaaahhhh!

Cortex: Whoa!


After your suds, the dragon screamed attacks. And finally Cortex cries, will dragon his scattered. N Gin gets noticed we hear a Cortex cries will runs away will accident.

Kent: Eyeman witnesses estimate the man's weight and somewhere between 400 to 500 pounds.

Tony Parsons: On the lighter side of news, and I use the term loosely...

Cortex: No answer.

Mei Ling: (Reporting shouting) No, this slide it's perfectly safe! This was an isolated incident!

Kent: I understand that, Mei Ling. Mei Ling? Isn't that exactly what you said right before the recall of tainted Mei Ling-Brand Mayonnaise?

Mei Ling: Now, kids, you know that question is out of bounds. Interview's over!

Report's Leader: Mei Ling!

Cortex: All right, family. I want the truth. Don't pull any punches. Am I just a little bit overweight? Well, am I?

Olie Polie: Forgive us, but it takes time to properly sugarcoat a response.

Cortex: Nooooooo! Fifty-five? My God! Three hundred and-- A hundred and fifty? Oh, my God! Two hundred and sixty pounds! I'm a big, fat pig! No!

N Gin: Now, Cortex, you do have big bones.

Cortex: N Gin, no one gains 30 pounds of bone! I'm going on a diet. From now on there'll be no pork chop too succulent. No donut too tasty. No pizza too laden with delicious toppings, to prevent me from reaching my ideal weight! As God is my witness, I'll always be hungry AGAAAAAAAAAAIN!

N Gin: Stop it! We're going out to find him!

N Trophy: N Gin, stop acting like Toaster from The Brave Little Toaster.

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