Quoth Mortal:

Once upon a time, the Channel was led by various powerwhoars, amb and Uber|nooB. A day, after amb had given I, Nibor and Grunt accesslevel 200, Pawnstick reverted it. Drama arose. The first of many.

The guys started arguing with Pawnstick. It lasted for around an hour - after which Pawnstick banned Mortal and left forever.

Some days, maybe weeks, later, Anders was given 499 from highest authority at that time (Uber|nooB). According to himself, Anders was gonna delete the whole userlist and then revert it, but it didn't happen immediately. Mortal contacted Uber|nooB, and a little time later, Anders was reassigned to 100 access level and the userlist was mostly reverted.

After some time, when the shock of the two dramas had subsided, Uber|nooB decided to give away ownership. Uber gave Mortal ownership, and Mortal added amb as co-owner at 499.

The userlist was revised - Mortal, trusting the community, let all the "regulars" have 200 access and above, which met criticism from the old people in there. Today, half of the users in #concerned have 200 access or above - <150 is given to those who are rarely in the channel, which means that effectively, almost everyone has op-status in the channel.

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