TheZippingEon's Pokèmon version of The Lion King films, using his fanfiction and canon characters

Young Simba- Norac(Eevee)

Adult Simba- Norac the Umbreon

Young Nala- Flora(Eevee)

Adult Nala- Flora the Leafeon

Mufasa- Bolterdash the Jolteon

Sarabi- Icia the Glaceon

Scar- Annie's Espeon(Pokèmon Heroes)

Zazu- Azul the Latios

Timon- Clock the Noctowl

Pumbaa- Sparky the Manectric

Shenzi- Aileena(OC)'s Venusaur

Banzai- Jaoa(OC)'s Blastoise

Ed- Oakley's Ariados(Pokèmon Heroes)

Rafiki- Sketch the Nidoking

Young Kiara- Peaches(Eevee)

Adult Kiara- Peaches the Sylveon

Young Kovu- Ross(Eevee)

Adult Kovu- Ross the Flareon

Zira- Aileena's Vaporeon

Young Vitani- Chloe(Eevee)

Adult Vitani- Chloe the Espeon

Nuka- Aileena's Eevee

Timon's Ma- Gala the Talonflame

Uncle Max- Scarlet the Braviary

Iron Joe- Masquerade the Unfezant

Kion- Fledge the Eevee

Bunga- Woody the Treecko

Fuli- Olive the Pikachu

Beshte- Rey the Slowpoke

Ono- Garf the Chimchar

Janja- Archer's Houndoom

Mzingo- J's Salamence

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