Arena was the first game released in the popular CRPG Elder Scrolls series. It retail release in 1994 was extremely successful, noted for the game features advanced for any 1994 game. Modern systems, like Windows 2K or XP require a DOS emulator to run Arena, as the game is DOS based.


Arena has a simple layout, which is repeated in it sequel, Daggerfall. A player can: draw/sheath his weapon, use magic, pilfer, bring up the map, access charatcer stats and inventory or rest, all using the bottom bar. To attack, one must draw his weapon and drag the cursor across the screen holding the right mouse button.

A 000

An example of a typical screen layout in Arena.


Emperor Uriel Septim VII has been betrayed and imprisoned in an alternate dimension by Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn. Bringing the Emperor back requires the Staff of Chaos, an artifact broken into eight pieces and scattered across Tamriel by Tharn. Ria Silmane, a former apprentice of Tharn, was killed when her master was unable to convince her that his actions were just. She guides the player through the first dungeon, then appears to the player thereafter in his/her dreams.

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