Emilka, emilka!

That means snowflake in Mongolian!

Just open the gate, and winter won't be late

The snowflakes fall forever!

Snowflakes, snowflakes!

We can speak Mongolian

We'll open the gate, and winter, THAT'S TOO LATE!

They didn't fall forever

Emilka, emilka! (emilka, emilka)

That means snowflake in Mongolian! (that means snowflake in mongolian)

Just open the gate... (just open the gate)

And winter won't be late (and winter won't be late)

The snowflakes fall forever! (the snowflakes fall forever)


Boy #1: Look, everybody! It's snowing in Mongolia!

Boy #2: Yeah!


Girl #1: We love snow in Mongolia.

Girl #2: Winter is fun! Good-bye!

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