[Allen's one ear is rupurted, he finds a yellow locker, a guy with red bread.wearing a purple is running past by Allen, in a daze and time begins to move slowly for him. He watches as Loop tries to revive a destroyed Bloop, but it's no use. He then turns to see that Darren's one eyed is burning and exploding and he is set in fire and loses his arm and foot, then he dies. in a daze and time begins to move slowly for him. He watches as Raggedy Ann tries to revive a destroyed Raggedy Andy, but it's no use. He then turns to see Santa set ablaze and set two moon-bellied sneetches on fire. The action takes on a war-ravaged tone as Ronald McDonald finds he's lost his right arm. He sees it on the floor and walks over to pick it up with his left hand. He winces, Russell, Cub, Hootin' Andy & Peanut are burnt. The stairs are burning then it heats it up. A terrorist shoots emotionally to the creatures with a gun. Allen puts his glasses on. Blay, he is speaking slowly to Allen but Allen can't hear him. Josh watches that the school lockers is are burning.]

  • Allen: (hearing in all the loud racket) What's happening? [he looks in the bathroom, Orko holds on to Truffles' head, Aaron's legs are on fire, then, he dies to the ground, Jane's stomach is impaled by the knife along with the terrorist]
  • Mr. Uppity: (shocked) I can't believe this!

[Chester's eye is closed, Chester's hat is burnt, Chester's teeth is broken, Chester's nose is bleeding and his clothes were on fire, his blood fled all over, Mr. Slow is running on fire, A terrorist kicks an blue ant into the crotch]

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