The Engine King is a Thomas/The lion King parody movie. It is all about the Heroes James the Red Engine who is really funny. and Daisy a mean looking diesel railcar and more.



On Cell Phone Silence where Marlin is interrupted:

Marlin Oh, hi! (fishes dancing) (blue whale making noises) Sorry! (crash) Help! HELP!

Gill: Movies don't interrupt you, please no talking or texting during the film.

Blowing up Mount Rushmore:

Mario: Give me the parts department, we're blowing up Mount Rushmore.

Toad 1: Yeah

Princess Peach: You can't blow up a national monument.


Singers: Robots from Space... (words show up It takes to many calls to make a movie.) (another one says Please no calls or texts during the film.)

On Movie intro:

Deb: Welcome to Regal entertainment gift cards. Please silence your cell phones. Beverages are provided by Coca Cola. Please dispense trash outside the theater. Regal Entertainment gift cards are available at your box office. Your feature presentation begins after the following previews.

On Movie Block:

Deb: Sprint asks you to please be quiet and be courtesy to others and silence your cell phones now.

On Diesel Short:

Diesel: Let's understand, my friends, be quiet, and (cell phone ringing...)

Trucks: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Grrrrrrr! Grrrr!


Gill: Movies don't interrupt you, please no talking or texting during the film.

Defeat of Diesel:

Diesel: No, you don't understand, no, please let me explain, no, you don't listen to me! No! (NO!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (fire roars)

Defeat of Daisy

Emily: Daisy!

Rosie: Emily, I'll help you!

Emily: Come on, I'll give you a helping wheel!


Emily: DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defeat of Elizabeth, Cranky, George and The Troublesome Trucks:

Elizabeth, Cranky and George: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Henry: We finally defeated Diesel!

Shadowed Version:

Thomas: Hey, you guys are watching the movie? (Sonic Characters Talking at once)

Tails: (crowing like a rooster)

Henry: Shh, James, I still don't remember about the crowd.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (1 1/2)

Part 1 (IMAX Experience)

Part 1 (3D) (also in IMAX 3D) (What?! This 3D release might be scrapped!)

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