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The Engine King is a The Little Engine That Could/The Lion King. It will made in March 2012 by Fanofcartoons1994.


  • Eric as Young Simba
  • Chip as Adult Simba
  • and more

Quotes 1

  • Eric: Hey, Uncle The Big Wolf, guess what?
  • The Big Wolf: I despise guessing games.
  • Eric: I'm gonna be King of Pride Rock.
  • The Big Wolf: Oh, goody.
  • Eric: My dad just showed me the whole kingdom. And I'm gonna rule it all. Heheh.
  • The Big Wolf: Yes, well forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know.
  • [flops on his side]
  • Eric: Hey Uncle The Big Wolf, when I'm King, what'll that make you?
  • The Big Wolf: A monkey's uncle.
  • Eric: [laughs] You're so weird.
  • The Big Wolf: You have no idea.

Quotes 2

  • Pete: The circus elephant hippity hop, all the way to the elephant boiler.
  • Perky: Oh no, not the elephant boiler.

Quotes 3

  • Doc: [singing] Luau. If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat/ Eat my buddy Rollo here, 'cause he's a tasty treat/Come on down and dine/ On this tasty swine/ All you gotta is get in line/Are you achin'...
  • Rollo: Yup, yup, yup.
  • Doc: For some bacon?
  • Rollo: Yup, yup, yup.
  • Doc: He's a big clown.
  • Rollo: Yup, yup.
  • Doc: You can be a big clown, too. Oy.

Quotes 4

  • Georgia: Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?
  • Eric: Puh. You can't do anything to me.
  • Perky: Uhh... technically, they can. We are on their land.
  • Eric: But Perky, you told me they're nothing but slobbering mangy stupid poachers.
  • Perky: Ix-nay on the oopid-stay...
  • Pete: Who're you callin' "oopid-stay?"
  • Perky: Oh, my, my, my. Look at the sun. It's time to go!

Quotes 5

  • [above the stampeding horses]
  • Farnsworth: The Big Wolf! Brother, help me!
  • [The Big Wolf puts his claws into Farnsworth's diesel train wheels]
  • The Big Wolf: Long live the King.
  • [throws him into the stampede]

Quotes 6

  • Pete: Yeah, be prepared! We'll be prepared... for what?
  • The Big Wolf: For the death of the king!
  • Pete: What? Is he sick?
  • The Big Wolf: No, fool. We're going to kill him. Eric too.
  • Georgia: Great idea! Who needs a king?
  • Pete, Georgia: [singing] No king, no king, la la la la la la...
  • The Big Wolf: Idiots! There will *be* a king!
  • Pete: But you said...
  • The Big Wolf: *I* will be king. Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again!

Quotes 7 (Final)

  • Chip: You knew my father?
  • Handy Pandy: Correction: I *know* your father.

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