James as Ed

Thomas as Edd

Gordon as Eddy

Ash Ketchum as Bernard

May as Miss Bianca

Dog Kidnapper as Rufus from Lady and the Tramp

Madame Medusa as Herself

Mr. Snoops as Himself

Jazz Hands as Himself

Sparx as Evinrude

Spyro as Orville

Murfy as Mr. Chairman

Whisper as Penny, Teddy as Himself, and Kiara as her sister's helper

Malificent as Herself

The Great Animal as Himself

The Crocodiles as Themselves

TV Announcer as Himself

Luigi as Gramps

Shaggy as Luke

Daphne as Ellie Mae

Baby Globoxes as Silverwings

Dick Dastardly as Rabbit

Muttley as Owl and Mario as Digger.

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