AJM STUDIOS.NET has ongoing NASCAR Boards here which are real popular filled with chatting, and race by race coverage and speculation. Plus photos.

The Entertainment Theater
Founded: May 28, 2005
Category: Other
Threads: Over 40
Posts: Over 30,000
Moderators: USAPatriot, Killerboy

The Entertainment Theater is a board on AJM Studios where you can talk about whatever entertains you. This board manages to attract members with its very popular threads such as the Chatta Box series, Artwork series and NASCAR Rant series. The worlds biggest Corneil and Bernie fansite threads are here too. It gathers more views and posts then many boards. The Entertainment Theater is the board with the second most posts. Jack & Twister Comics and Grocery Store 101 are two other comic series in this section of the site.


A poster for the show corneil and Bernie. AJM STUDIOS.NET is the biggest CB fansite in the world with photos, fan art, and show creators and actor interviews and chats.


Chatta Box once ruled the roost with the Ron Report back in the day. The series was created as a chat central hub when Ron Report's were in between creations. Later they competed with the Ron Report for top spot. It was notably second in the rankings. The series was created by USAPatriot on July 20, 2005. They ended respectfully on May 6, 2007. What made Chatta Box different then most thread series, is that it was open for anyone to start a new thread in the series. Even though USAPatriot started the first one, other members carried on the name of the series, up to number 18, where after that, no new Chatta Box's were made. USAPatriot made the majority of the Chatta Box threads, then Killerboy, and Frankie.

AJM STUDIOS Comic started a thread on the day of it's premier of the first comic, April 24, 2006. It was created by USAPatriot, and has served as the main fan center for AJM STUDIOS Comic fans. Now at thread number seven, the comic series continues on strong.

Art Work threads started on June 10, 2005 by Kim. Since then, other people carried on the threads name, such as USAPatriot, who seems to have made it an AJM Franchise thread, now featuring fancy banners. There are a total of four threads for the Art work thread series so far.

NASCAR Rant was created by USAPatriot on July 19, 2005 and has sense been the main center for NASCAR news and chatter on AJM STUDIOS. As of 2009, there are currently five separate NASCAR Rant series franchise threads.

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