It has been two weeks since the Seniors of Elizabeth Knicks High School graduated. Here's what happened with our twelve main heroes. Manuel, James, Stephanie, Gus, Damaris, Daniel, Isaiah, Evelyn and Taylor all went to Summer School at Justin Diego Community College. Alex decided to alienate the group to pursue his life in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and attend community college at Rachelberry Finn College. As with Miranda, she attends Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA after her family moved to Pasadena post-Graduation.

At Alex's new college, he met great new people Tara, Brittany, Paris, Chanel, Christiane, Sammie, Danielle, Taylor, Adam, Tyler, Alek, Drew, Casey and Goopy. They became good friends with him. The three enemies he made at the Community College were Scott the Dick, Braineley, and Natalia. When his Summer Sessions were over, he managed to come out clean and show his soft side.

Nearing the end of the season, he and his family managed to move in at his grandparents' former house in Carson, CA as an inheritance gift.

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