The Express After 8
Director Steve Asquith
Writor Palasak Llyvalski
Starring Lyall Johannesburg
Music Ricardo Autobahn
Jason Highcliff
Editing John Mercedez
Thomas Nash
Runtime 10 min.
Country U.S.A, U.K Serbia

The Express After 8 was created for adult TV by Hypersonic TV. It will soon be on TPSProduction's YouTube page. It starred all of the characters from original TV series and provided comedy.


Many people who had watched it before wanted it to go on HyperLive!, the official Hypersonic TV yearly tour. It did in 2008 and it cost a staggering $20m.

Right then! The Episodes

(1) - Help! Fatty’s On A Diet - Oh, dear! The Fat Controller can’t fit into his new waistcoat. He needs to lose a few pounds. So, he tries Supersize vs. Superskinny. Will it work? We only offer you to the episode!

(2) - Amy Winehouse The New Engine - A new engine comes to the Island. She is called Amy Winehouse. Soon, she stirs up trouble and the engines take a disliking to her. But she takes Thomas out on a date, making even more trouble!

(3) - Spin-offs, Other Shows and Backstage Drama - Some tapes got mixed up in the making of the episode, but we put it forward because it looked great!

(4) - Victor - Victor arrives.

(5) - Engines On The Booze - Police track down engines on the bottle / can. But they find more than just drunk diesels and beer-soaked steamies!

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