Under the hot sun, back on Ant Island, the ants resumed their harvesting business. But this time, everyone was frustrated that they had to get double the amount of food required for the grasshoppers. In addition to this stress, the heat was making the job that much harder. One ant collapsed onto the ground, but Atta immediately noticed him. “Dr. Flora,” she called.

“Oh dear, not another one,” said a concerned Dr. Flora.

“This is insane,” complained Thorny.

“Insane,” added Cornelius.

“There’s just not enough food left on the island,” said Thorny, “no way we could make double quota before Hopper comes.”

“Well we have to try Thorny,” said Atta as she and Dr. Flora took the weak ant to recover, “we don’t have any choice.”

“Yeah…I know.”

Elsewhere, Dot sat on a clover petal, using her telescope to look for Flik. Below, the two young ants noticed her and teased her. “Hey, look who’s playing lookout again. Little Speck.”

“The name is Dot,” said Dot sternly.

“Well Spot, you still looking for Flik?”

“Forget it Dot. That loser’s never coming back.”

Dot ignored the two and resumed looking through her telescope. But upon looking out into the distance, she saw the circus troupe and the Cosmos Chopper approaching the island. She saw Flik riding on Dim, an indication that Flik and the FT Squad had succeeded in their quest. “FLIK,” she exclaimed, “HE DID IT! HE DID IT!”

“WHAT,” the ants below exclaimed.

“QUIT SHOVING,” one of them said as they tried getting to the top of the petal.

The troupe saw Ant Island ahead as they approached. “THIS IS IT,” exclaimed Flik, “THIS IS ANT ISLAND!”

“This is it guys,” said Kyle from the Cosmos Chopper.

“Wow,” said Peanut.

“It’s beautiful,” added Jelly.

“Welcome to Ant Island,” said Kyle.

“FLIK,” called Dot, “OVER HERE! FLIK! FLIK!”

“Hey,” replied Flik as he waved to Dot.

“They did it, they did it, they did it,” cheered Dot as she ran after the troupe, “yay! They did it!”

“Cool,” said the other ants before falling back to the ground.

Back in center Ant Island, Thorny and Cornelius were complaining about the many leaves that were all over the place. “At the rate these leaves are dropping, we’re gonna need a miracle,” said Thorny.

“That’s right, we need a miracle,” replied Cornelius.

But as they complained, they saw shadows moving towards them. They looked up and saw five big figures flying above and about to make a landing. “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE,” cried Cornelius as he and Thorny ran for cover.

The other ants dropped their food and hid as well. On the Cosmos Chopper, Russ activated the autopilot as the ship’s computer said, “beaming to solid ground will commence in 5...4…3…2…1.”

The squad was beamed to the ground as the troupe started to land. One by one, each bug landed on the ground as the Cosmos Chopper flew off under autopilot. With everyone on ground, the troupe did a finishing pose. “TA-DA,” exclaimed Francis.

But the area was deserted, as if all the ants retreated underground again. The troupe’s excited expressions started fading away as no one responded to their presence. “Once again, our reputation precedes us,” said Manny.

“Hey everybody,” Flik announced as he got off Dim, “hey, we’re back!”

The ants peaked from their hiding places to look for themselves. “Hey guys! Hey! L-L-Look who’s here with me,” Flik continued.

“We’re back, and guess who we bought with us,” added Cassidy.

“FLIK! FLIK! FLIK, YOU’RE BACK,” exclaimed Dot as she ran to Flik’s arms, “I knew you could do it.”

The ants, seeing that it really was Flik and the squad, were amazed. They really did survive this journey and had visitors alongside them. They came out of their hiding places and approached the group. The troupe and scouts greeted the surrounding ants. From the anthill, Mr. Soil noticed Flik and the squad having come back. “Flik and his friends have returned,” he said.

“They’re back,” asked Atta.

“And they’re accompanied by savage insects,” replied Mr. Soil.

“WHAT,” asked a shocked Atta, “how? T-They weren’t supposed to actually find someone.”

“Oh look at this, look at this, this is great, look,” said Flik as he showed the colony Gypsy’s beautiful wings.

“Oh my ticker,” commented Cornelius.

“So what are you supposed to be,” one of the young ants asked Slim.

“He’s a stick stupid,” said the other ant, “you hit bugs with them.”

Slim chuckled before saying, “well that’s an oversimplification.”

“That’s right kids,” said Francis, who suddenly grabbed Slim, “like this.”

“No, put me down,” said Slim before unintentionally hitting Heimlich, “ow.”

Tuck and Roll rolled towards Dr. Flora and greeted her. “Hey!”

“My, you just pop right open there, don’t ya,” said Dr. Flora.

As for Dim, he was being admired by some of the young ants. They walked under Dim’s belly, but Rosie expressed concern. “Uh-oh kids. He’s kinda ticklish. Let’s come on out,” she said, “careful.”

Dim, being ticklish, started stamping his feet in laughter, intimidating the young ants and causing them to scatter. Queen appeared and congratulated Flik. “Well my boy, you came through. Aphie and I are very impressed,” she said before turning to Cassidy, “and a job well done to you too my dear. Looks like you are courageous.”

“Thank you Your Majesty,” said Cassidy, obliged by her comment, “it was a tough journey, but we managed to get through it, and I’m glad we did because we found my grandparents along the way.”

“General Russ at your service Your Highness,” said Russ, “along with my wife Lydia, and my granddaughter’s friends: Peanut, Butter and Jelly Otter from Lake Hoohaw, and their teammates, Scott, Matt, Heather and Jenny of the FT Squad Scouts.”

“So nice to meet you Your Majesty,” said Heather as she and the other kids bowed before Queen.

“Same with you kids,” said Queen, “do feel free to make yourselves at home.”

Queen turned to greet Manny and Gypsy as Atta appeared on the scene. “Princess Atta,” exclaimed Flik upon seeing her, “hey, hey guys, this is Princess Atta. She’s the one who sent us to find you.”

The troupe and scouts greeted Atta as Dot said, “Atta, Atta, do you see that really big bug over there?”

“He looks absolutely ferocious,” said Mr. Soil.

“They’re our ticket out of this mess,” added Thorny.

“They came just in time,” said Dr. Flora.

“And that’s right,” added Cornelius.

“So Princess Atta, what do you think,” asked Flik, anticipating a pleasant response.

But Atta was unsure. She looked at Flik, and then Cassidy. “Who’s the coward now,” Cassidy quietly muttered.

Atta turned to the Council ants and whispered, “no, no, no, no, wait. This was not supposed to happen.”

As she whispered to the ants, Slim and Francis could sense that she wasn’t approving of them. “Mayday, mayday, we’re losing the job,” Slim whispered to Francis.

“We don’t fight grasshoppers,” Atta whispered.

“We don’t, but they will,” said Thorny.

“Bingo,” added Cornelius.

“And maybe we were wrong to judge Cassidy and her team,” said Mr. Soil.

“We should give them a chance as well,” added Dr. Flora.

Francis, coming up with an idea, said to Slim, “we gotta sweeten the deal,” before flying onto Dim’s horn and making an announcement, “Your Majesty, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. Our troupe here guarantees a performance like no other. Why, when your grasshopper friends get here, WE ARE GONNA KNOCK…THEM…DEAD!”

The ants burst in applause, now confident that they could fight the grasshoppers. They waved to the ants as Slim said to Heimlich, “boy, these folks are sure hard up for entertainment.”

Flik applauded along with the other ants. But Atta glared at the troupe. Sure the troupe could be the warriors that could fight the grasshoppers, but Atta was not pleased that Flik and Cassidy managed to find them and come back alive. But everyone else however, was happy to see these visitors.

A short time later, the ants put on a welcoming show for their visitors. First on the agenda was a musical performance by the ant musicians of the colony. They played on a mechanism that consisted of drums and a flute. Each ant played a specific part of the instrument as everyone watched. The squad, scouts, troupe and Flik watched in special seats as the performance went on. Flik and Cassidy were enjoying this music and tapped to the beat. Atta watched them and sneered, still not happy that they succeeded. “Honey relax,” said Queen, “you should be proud of yourself. Your instincts on that boy were right on the money.”

Atta nervously chuckled at her mother, but when she turned to Flik again, she glared with disapproval. The music performance ended and everyone applauded. “And to make our official welcome complete,” announced Queen, “Mr. Soil.”

“Yes Your Highness,” said Mr. Soil as he got to center stage with a group of young ants, including Dot.

“He’s our resident thespian,” said Queen to Gypsy, “last year, he played the lead in ‘Picnic.’”

“The children…and myself…have quickly put together a little presentation in honor of our guests,” said Mr. Soil as the young ants approached him with a big leaf, “Dot, Reed, Daisy, Grub.”

“Oh aren’t they adorable,” Gypsy said to Manny, “ooh they’re cute.”

“Ah, performances by the youth,” said Russ, “always a wonderful sight to see.”

“Show us your talent sweeties,” said Lydia cheerfully.

Flik waved to Dot, who quickly waved back. “The South Tunnel Elementary School second grade class would like to present you with this,” said Daisy as she and the others showed the visitors the leaf, which had a drawing, “a mural we have drawn of you bugs helping us fight the grasshoppers away.”

This leaf was a drawing, but it wasn’t one with the troupe performing to the grasshoppers. It was one with the troupe fighting off the grasshoppers, as if they were going through a rough battle. The troupe’s happiness turned into shock. “Oh, look at the beautiful colors of the blood,” said Rosie as she looked at the drawing.

“We drew one of you dying because our teacher said it would be more dramatic,” said Dot as she showed them a caterpillar that resembled Heimlich split in half.

The troupe gasped and looked at Heimlich, who was having a really painful feeling. He turned slightly gray as Peanut noticed something on the drawing. “Is that…me,” asked Peanut.

Peanut pointed towards a part of the drawing that had him fighting some grasshoppers like a kung fu warrior, something that Kyle would most likely do. “I tell you a tale, of heroes so bold,” said Mr. Soil as he played a harp, “who vanquished our grasshopper enemies of old.”

Mr. Soil and the kids cleared away, showing everyone the upcoming play. “Look,” said one of the young ants as the leaf costumed ant collapsed to the ground, “the last leaf has fallen.”

“WE ARE THE GRASSHOPPERS, WHERE’S OUR FOOD,” the grasshopper portraying ants shouted.

“Who will come to save us poor ants,” asked one of the performers.

“WE ARE THE WARRIORS, HERE TO DEFEND YOU,” shouted the warrior portraying ants.

The troupe and scouts were in complete shock. This was not what they expected at all. The performance of these young ants might have been enjoyable and fun to watch, but it was an indication that they came to the island not to entertain grasshoppers like they hoped, but to fight them. By the time the play was reaching its end, the troupe and scouts were horrified at what was going to happen to them. Slim shielded Heimlich’s eyes while Manny comforted Gypsy. Everyone else watched in disturbance. “Die…die…die,” Dot said before fainting herself.

The colony cheered for the performers while Francis fainted. Tuck and Roll, unable to understand English, cheered for the performers. “Thank you, thank you,” said Mr. Soil as the young ants got up and bowed, “oh thank you.”

“YAY,” cheered Scott, “hooray for the warriors! YIPEE!”

Matt tapped Scott on the shoulder and whispered, “do you have any idea what this means?”

“Uh…that we have to cheer for them like what we do at school plays back home,” asked Scott, “if we’re supposed to, then I’m doing it.”

“No, not that,” whispered Matt, “it means we’ve come here to fight the grasshoppers, not entertain them like we thought.”

“Oh come on, how can,” said Scott before realizing that Matt was right, “…oh…if that play…ooh.”

“There, now you know.”

“But why didn’t anyone tell us we were supposed to fight,” asked Jelly while Butter got nervous.

As the troupe and scouts looked at each other, Francis, Slim, Heimlich and Rosie started their own conversation, trying to think of what to do about this. “I say we go,” said Francis.

“Ok honey, you’re up,” Queen said to Atta, oblivious to the worry of the troupe.

“Oh…” said Atta, about to make an announcement.

Flik, having an idea for Atta, quickly took a blade of grass and shaped it into a loudspeaker. “Now, we’re all very, very grateful to have...” Atta said before getting the loudspeaker and finishing her sentence loudly, “…the warriors.”

Atta looked at the invention and then Flik. Flik gave Atta two thumbs up as he backed away. “Thanks,” Atta said dryly before resuming her announcement, “first of all, I’d like to thank the warriors for helping us in our fight against the grasshoppers.”

This speech started making Russ and Lydia uncomfortable, along with the scouts. They too realized that they were brought to the island to fight and not entertain after seeing the play and were shocked. “Secondly, I would like to thank ‘Flik’ and his friend ‘Cassidy,’ for their forthright thinking…”

“Thank you Your Highness,” said Flik as he took the loudspeaker to do his own speech, “oh sure, we’d like to take credit for all this but…well that wouldn’t be right, because it was you Princess Atta.”

Atta looked nervously at Flik, who continued his speech. “You believed in us and you sent us on our quest.”

“Flik, can I say something too,” asked Cassidy.

“Of course Cassidy,” said Flik, who handed Cassidy the loudspeaker, “what’d you wanna say?”

“First off, I wanna say, I’m proud knowing that we accomplished our mission. Yes it was tough, especially for me, but I proved to all you ants…” Cassidy said, before muttering to herself, “…and a certain insecure and rude princess…” before resuming her loud speech, “…that I am courageous at heart, something I hope carries on when Brenda and the wasps return as well. Now I am fully confident that this will work, especially since my grandfather is here to help us. He’s a military general and he’s had experience in battle and I’m sure he’d be more than happy to inform us on a few battle tips so that we can get through our situation.”

Russ looked at Cassidy with shock, unable to believe that she dragged him into a conflict with grasshoppers and wasps, instead of an entertainment performance. “Flik, take the rest,” said Cassidy as she handed Flik the loudspeaker.

“Thank you Cassidy,” said Flik, “as for me…”

“Tell that ant that we need to talk to him right now,” whispered Francis to Rosie.

“Ok, ok,” said Rosie as she approached Flik and Cassidy.

“Now I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, and I hope that this will make up…” Flik said before getting a tap on the shoulder by Rosie.

“Flik,” she whispered.

“Not right now Rosie, I’m making a speech,” Flik said to Rosie before resuming his speech.

Rosie groaned, got up near Flik’s ear and whispered while Flik continued his speech. “Now I truly believe that these bugs are the answer to our…” Flik said before turning to Rosie, “no there’s no circus around here,” before returning to the crowd, “So I…”

Flik suddenly stopped his speech upon realizing what Rosie was talking about. He and Cassidy turned to Rosie, Slim, Heimlich and Francis. Francis juggled with some stones and did a finishing pose with his fellow circus bugs. Suddenly realizing that they got circus bugs instead of warriors, Flik and Cassidy gasped, hearts suddenly pounding and consumed with shock and fear. Flik swiftly tossed the loudspeaker aside as he rushed to Atta’s side. “Your Highness,” he said quickly, “the warriors have called for a secret meeting to plan for a circus…”

“CIRCUMVENTING, the oncoming hordes,” added Cassidy, trying frantically to keep the secret intact, “so that can trapeze…”

“TRAP…them with ease,” added Flik.

“Shouldn’t I come too,” asked Atta.

“No,” said Flik nervously as he, Cassidy, the troupe and scouts started leaving, “no, classified in the D.M.Z. gotta go A.S.A.P. you know strictly B.Y.O.B. Bye.”

Flik and Cassidy quickly caught up to the troupe and scouts. Atta was starting to get suspicious and the squad confused. Why were Flik and Cassidy acting like this so suddenly? Some of the ants started getting suspicious themselves. “Sorry. Sorry I have to take the warriors away so early, but you they…they have a lot to get done, with the battle looming and all,” said Flik as they walked through the crowd.

“Yeah, they deserve breaks like any famous celebrity,” added Cassidy nervously.

“Yeah,” added Flik, “so please, everyone enjoy the party.”

Dot snuck around the crowd of ants, trying to follow Flik. “B.Y.O.B,” asked a suspicious Atta.

“What was that all about,” asked Dennis.

“You got me,” said Ling.

“Why are they leaving so soon,” asked Woog.

“Yeah,” said Atta as she approached the squad, “why are they?”

“Princess, we have no idea,” said Kyle, “but I’m gonna find out. The rest of you stay here.”

As for Flik and Cassidy, they guided the troupe and scouts to the edge of the crowd. “Thanks again, bye. Bye-bye,” said Flik, before urging Dim to keep moving, “ok, just get in there. Go, go, go, go.”

Dim did just that and joined the rest of the troupe. Now on their own, with no one witnessing, Flik and Cassidy cut to the chase. “CIRCUS BUGS,” they exclaimed in shock.

“How can you be circus bugs,” asked Flik.

The troupe turned to Flik and Cassidy, all unhappy. “Hey, hey, hey, you said nothing about killing grasshoppers pal,” said Francis, “you lied to us.”

“Yeah,” added Heimlich.

“Are you kidding,” exclaimed Flik, “do you know what this is? This my friends is false advertising.”

“That didn’t look like false advertising to me sir,” said Russ.

“Grandpa, please don’t be mad at Flik,” begged Cassidy, “you have no idea what his colony’s going through.”

“You didn’t say anything about fighting grasshoppers,” said Russ, “now we’re all thought of as something we’re not.”

“But…I thought Cassidy said you were a general, used to fights,” said Flik.

“I am, but I don’t do that sort of work nowadays,” said Russ, “I’m retired, and I don’t want the kids to be put in harm’s way either.”

“I thought we came here to entertain these grasshoppers and wasps,” said Peanut.

“Yeah, you didn’t say anything about fighting,” added Scott, “what are we? Fighters?”

“Guys, I know you don’t want to fight,” said Cassidy, “and none of us knew you were all from a circus, but you gotta understand that…”

“Wait…WHAT,” a voice exclaimed behind Cassidy.

Cassidy, startled, swiftly turned around and saw Kyle, standing right behind her. “AAH! KYLE,” cried Cassidy, “oh no! Are the others with you?”

“I told them I was gonna see what was going on,” said Kyle, “did you just say these bugs are from…a circus?”

“You got that right pal,” said Francis, “we ain’t who you thought we were.”

Kyle, absolutely shocked and jaw-dropped, said, “this is…this is impossible.”

“‘Sorry, but it’s true,” said Russ, “and now because of your team, we are now thought of as warriors, when we’re really just visitors of this realm and a troupe circus bugs.”


“Guys, this isn’t as bad as you might think,” said Flik.

“How dare you,” said Manny as he approached Flik, “you sirs are the charlatan of this scenario, touting your wares as a talent scout, preying upon the hungry souls of hapless artists. Good day to you sirs.”

Manny turned and strutted off with his fellow bugs. Tuck and Roll smacked Flik and Kyle across the faces before rolling off. “First of all, we didn’t know you weren’t warriors,” said Kyle.

“I understand that, but now, I’m afraid we can’t help you,” said Russ.

“He’s right,” said Lydia, “sorry Cassidy, but I don’t want the scouts in danger either. Kids, we’re going.”

Russ and Lydia headed off with the scouts. Kyle, realizing that Lydia made a good point about the scouts possibly being endangered, said, “well…I don’t want them in danger either, so it’s best we tell the team and ants that it was all a mistake.”

Cassidy gasped. “WHAT,” she exclaimed before taking Kyle’s hand and rushing towards her grandparents, “NONONONONONONONONONONO!”

“WHOA,” exclaimed Kyle, surprised.

“Wait, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you can’t go,” Flik said to the circus bugs as he stopped them from leaving, “you have got to help us. Give us some time. We’ll come up with a plan.”

“Just go tell them the truth,” suggested Heimlich.

“They can’t…they can’t know the truth, the truth you see is bad. I will be branded with this mistake for the rest of my life. My children’s children will walk down the street and people will point and say ‘look, there goes the spawn of Flik, the loser,’” Flik said frantically.

“Is telling the truth really gonna be that bad,” asked Peanut.

“BAD? BAD? Of course it’ll be bad,” said Cassidy frantically, “the ants will get angry at us and no longer want us to help them with their crisis. It’ll be bad for me most of all. My team is angry at me and if I told them the truth, they’d be even more furious…especially Kimmy. She’ll be…”

“Hold on there. What are you talking about dear,” asked Lydia.

“Why would Kimmy be angry at you,” asked Jelly, “you two are best friends. I’m sure she’ll understand if you tell her the truth.”

“Don’t you see Jelly? She won’t. She’s been angry at me because I acted like a coward instead of trying to save her from Brenda, and if she were to find out the truth, she’ll…she’ll…” said Cassidy, who then started having frantic worries, “…what if she doesn’t understand?”

“Um, Cassidy, I think you’re,…” said Matt before getting interrupted.

“What if instead she gets more furious than before and assumes I’m going from coward into liar? It was after all my responsibility for bringing you guys here since I begged for your help,” asked Cassidy, “she’ll think I’m changing from bad to worse…she’ll keep giving me the cold shoulder…she’ll no longer consider me her best friend.”

“But why would she…” Heather tried asking, only to get interrupted again.

“I just told you,” said Cassidy, “I failed to save her from Brenda when she attacked, and she now she’s gonna shut me out of her life forever. She can’t know you guys didn’t come here for battle. I don’t want to lose her friendship. I don’t want…”

“CASSIDY, SNAP OUT OF IT,” shouted Kyle, stopping Cassidy’s panic.

Cassidy looked at Kyle nervously as Kyle said, “just get a hold of yourself, please. I’ve never seen you act this terrified over trusting your friends. We have to tell them.”

“Kyle, no,” said Cassidy, stopping Kyle from walking back to the others, “you saw how Kimmy acted towards me since the attack. Imagine what would happen if she found out the ‘warriors’ she thought she saw turned out to be circus artists. It’ll get worse.”

“Would she really think that,” asked Jelly.

“I don’t think she’s assuming we came here to fight,” said Jenny, “I mean, she might think the troupe came here to fight, but I’m her little sister and I don’t even know how to do that kind of stuff.”

“Neither do we,” added Scott.

“That’s because you’re still very young,” said Russ, “and I doubt Kimmy would want you scouts to get hurt too.”

“So that’s another reason to tell her the truth,” said Lydia, “she’ll understand why they don’t want to fight.”

“But you two can fight because you’re adults, and you’re two of the most important mentors in my life,” Cassidy said frantically, “besides, she’ll….”

“Cassidy calm down,” said Russ, “I know this is a problem for you, but you have to tell her.”

Realizing that they really were leaving, Flik started despairing. “Oh…oh you know, alright fine. Yeah, ok, just go,” he said before getting on ground, underneath Dim’s feet, “but if you could just do me a little favor before you leave. If you could just squish me, that would be great because, uh, when they find out I’m as good as dead.”

“Isn’t that a little farfetched,” asked Kyle.

“Not if you’re someone other than me it’s not,” said Flik sadly.

“Flik,” Atta called from a distance.

Flik quickly got up and rushed to find Atta, not wanting her to find out the truth. Cassidy and Kyle went with him to stall time as well. “I really do think I should be part of this meeting,” said Atta, “FLIK!”

Flik, Cassidy and Kyle looked through the grass until finally seeing Atta, glaring at them with suspicion. “Ah! Princess Atta,” said Flik nervously, “what a nice surprise.”

“I said I was gonna find out what was going on with these two Your Highness,” said Kyle.

“I don’t take orders from you Kyle,” said Atta who tried looking past the group, “anyways, what is going on? I would like to speak with these so called warriors.”

“You can’t,” said Flik, “I mean, they’re in the middle of a top secret meeting right now and they really should not be disturbed now. Right guys?”

Flik, Cassidy and Kyle turned, but saw the troupe and scouts leaving. Flik and Cassidy gasped. “Could you just…could you excuse me please,” asked Flik.

“Yeah, we need to see what’s up with them,” added Cassidy, before grabbing Kyle’s hand and rushing with Flik to stop the troupe and scouts from leaving, “come on Kyle.”

“HEY,” complained Kyle.

“WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, PLEASE DON’T GO,” Flik begged the troupe as he rushed after them.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said an annoyed Atta as she looked for herself, “what is going on?”

But there was no one in sight. “FLIK! CASSIDY,” shouted Atta before groaning in frustration, “augh, I knew it.”

Atta stormed off, while Dot, having observed the discussion, watched from a dandelion. She heard Flik and Cassidy and watched as they rushed to stop the troupe from leaving. “WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, PLEASE,” begged Flik, “DON’T GO! NO!”


“Cassidy, let go of me,” said an irritated Kyle, “that’s an order.”

“Quick, he’s losin’ it,” said Francis.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,” cried Flik as he and Cassidy grabbed onto Slim’s legs, “YOU CAN’T GO! I’M DESPERATE!”

“Really,” said Slim sarcastically, “I couldn’t tell.”

“Cassidy, I said let me go,” ordered Kyle, before realizing that they were already in the air, “on second thought, don’t let me go.”

“Do you think I’m gonna let you fall into that riverbed,” asked Cassidy.

Seeing that something was wrong, Dot decided to try and do something. “Come on wings,” she said as she tried getting airborne, only to collapse onto a dandelion petal and go flying, “AAH! HELP!”

Back with the rest of the squad, they were waiting for Cassidy and Kyle to return. “What’s taking them so long,” asked Wubbzy.

“What could those two possibly be up too,” asked Donkey.

“Mother,” Atta said as she met up with Queen and the Council Ants, “Flik and Cassidy are up to something.”

Kimmy groaned and said, “what did that bird do this time?”

Back with Flik, Cassidy, Kyle and the troupe and scouts, they were still flying on the air. Flik and Cassidy were still begging for the troupe not to leave. By now, they’ve reached the other side of the riverbed. “Ok Flik, it’s time to put you down now,” said Slim as the troupe started getting to the ground, “get him off me. He’s cutting off the circulation to my foot.”

Manny landed on the ground and tried pulling Flik, Cassidy and Kyle off. Kyle tried letting go, but Cassidy still clung onto his hand hard. “No, no, no, no,” begged Flik as he held on, “please don’t go.”

“She just won’t understand,” begged Cassidy, “you have to come back with us.”

“Cassidy, you’re letting your fears get the best of you,” scolded Russ, “you have to tell her, or things will get worse.”

“And for the last time Cassidy, LET ME GO NOW,” ordered Kyle.

“Sorry Kyle, but I’m not gonna let you tell them,” shouted Cassidy.

“Then maybe you should tell them,” snapped Kyle, “after all, it’s your idea to keep this a secret.”

Cassidy stopped her struggle and realized something that made her feel worse. But before she could do something, Flik spotted something nearby. “Put the stick down,” said Rosie, “Flik, I mean it now. Drop the stick. Drop it!”

By now, Flik identified a bird feather nearby and a pile of eggs in a nest. Realizing what could possibly be nearby, Flik panicked again. “AAAH,” he screamed as he let go and fled the scene, “RUN!”

Cassidy and Kyle were on the ground also, and they pulled themselves together. “Boy, he runs fast for a little guy,” commented Heimlich.

Suddenly, something landed right behind the troupe, giving them a startle. Everyone turned and saw a giant, red finch towering over them like a Tyrannosaurus. It screeched loudly, scaring everyone. “TWEET, TWEET,” exclaimed Tuck and Roll, “TWEET, TWEET!”

“GIANT BIRD,” screamed Matt and Scott.

Not wasting another second, everyone turned tail and ran into the riverbed as fast as they could. The finch watched them run before giving chase not long after. Back on Ant Island, Atta guided her mother and the Council Ants to where she saw Flik. “This way,” she said before showing them the group fleeing in the riverbed from a rock face, “there they are.”

But they saw the bird flying above them and they got nervous. “A bird,” exclaimed Atta.

But as it seemed it wouldn’t get worse, they heard a scream coming from above. “AAH! FLIK!”

They looked and saw Dot floating on the dandelion petal, very high above the ground. “Look,” exclaimed Atta.

“Dot,” exclaimed Queen who became worried.

On the riverbed, the scouts fled for their lives. They jumped over a small crevice, but Jenny tripped and only managed to grab onto the edge. She tried climbing out, but there was no traction to keep herself from slipping into the crevice. “GUYS, I’M STUCK,” she cried, “HELP!”

In the grass forest, Kimmy heard Jenny’s cry for help and became worried. “Jenny?”

Jenny tried one more time, but she slipped and started falling into the crevice, but Russ grabbed her trunk and tried pulling her up. “Hang on,” he said as he struggled to get her back on the cliff.

On the dandelion petal, Dot whimpered as she held on for dear life. “FLIK,” she cried.

Dot heard a screech and looked ahead. To her horror, the giant finch flew right towards her. Dot was startled and she let go of the petal, just before the finch could grab her. But now, she was falling from a great height. “DOT,” cried Atta.

“MY BABY,” cried Queen.

Dot screamed as she fell from the sky. Below, the troupe kept fleeing from the bird, but Francis spotted Dot falling and flew to catch her. “I gotcha,” he said, “I gotcha. I gotcha, I gotcha.”

Francis flew backwards, hoping to catch Dot. But as he flew, he accidentally crashed into Russ, who was just about to pull Jenny out of the crevice. Francis managed to catch Dot, but both were sent falling into the crevice. The finch landed right near where Russ was holding onto Jenny. Upon landing, a few rocks fell into the crevice. One rock landed on Francis’ foot, crushing it, and one landed on his head, knocking him out. As for Russ, he also fell unconscious after a rock landed on his head. Now, Dot and Jenny were in serious trouble. The finch was right above them, ready to attack, and Francis and Russ were knocked out cold. On the rock face, everyone was worried about Dot and the others. “I can’t see,” said Queen.

“Somebody do something,” said Cornelius.

“Are they alright,” asked Thorny, “can anyone see? Are they alive?”

“I can’t see,” said Dr. Flora.

“What is happening.”

As the Council Ants frantically tried looking for Dot, Jenny, Francis and Russ, Atta noticed a drop of water hanging from a blade of grass. As she rushed towards it, the rest of the squad appeared. “What’s happening,” asked Wubbzy.

“Where’s Jenny,” asked a worried Kimmy, “I heard her cry for help. Is she ok?”

“She’s stuck in that crevice with Dot,” said Dr. Flora.

Kimmy gasped before hearing Jenny cry for help. “HELP! KIMMY!”

“JENNY,” replied Kimmy.

Kimmy looked around her, frantically looking for a way to get down to the riverbed. She saw a root leading down to the riverbed. “HANG ON,” shouted Kimmy, “I’M COMING!”

But as Kimmy rushed to the root, her shoulder wound started hurting her again. Ignoring the pain, she rushed to the root, but stopped when her teammates stopped her. “Kimmy, no,” exclaimed Rudy.

“I have to save her,” said Kimmy.

“But we can’t take on that giant bird,” complained Dennis.

“Besides, your wound will open up and bleed if you’re not careful,” said Kaytlin.

“I don’t care about my wound,” said Kimmy as she tried getting past her friends without hurting them, “all I care about is making sure Jenny’s safe.”

Back in the riverbed, Flik, Cassidy, Kyle, the troupe and scouts managed to get to safety. They hid behind a rock, but they suddenly heard Dot and Jenny crying for help. “FLIK,” cried Dot.

“KIMMY,” cried Jenny, “SOMEONE, HELP!”

“Dot,” exclaimed Flik.

“Was that Jenny,” asked Heather.

They saw the bird flying around the crevice, trying to reach into it and grab the defenseless kids. “Good heavens they’re in trouble,” said Manny.

“Wait, where’s Francis,” asked Matt.

“And where’s Russ,” asked Lydia who realized her husband was missing.

“They’re stuck in the crevice with Dot and Jenny,” exclaimed Peanut.

“OH NO,” cried Cassidy, “GRANDPA!”

“Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis, Francis…” Slim said frantically.

“You guys, I’ve got an idea,” said Flik upon coming up with a plan.

“We gotta do something,” said Heather.

“But what can we do,” asked Scott, “we can’t fight. If only that bird wasn’t trying to eat them.”

Cassidy, who was panting frantically, suddenly stopped upon coming up with a plan. “Wait…not trying to eat them,” she asked before exclaiming, “THAT’S IT! Scott you’re a genius.”

“Wait…what am I,” asked Scott.

“What is Cassidy,” asked Kyle.

“Operation: Distract and Secure,” said Cassidy, “it’s a tactic Grandpa did during his days in the war.”

“Of course,” said Lydia, “the perfect plan.”

“Let’s work together on it,” added Flik.

Cassidy quickly took out her badge and called Hathi. “This is Cassidy calling Colonel Hathi,” she called, “do you read me?”

“Loud and clear,” said Hathi, “but we have a major emergency on our hands.”

“I know, but Flik and I have an idea,” said Cassidy, “send the founders, dinosaurs, Donkey and the Chinese trio down here to help us, but you and the Wubbzy Gang keep Kimmy up there so that her injury doesn’t get worse.”

“WHAT,” shouted Kimmy angrily, “my sister’s in danger Cassidy. Do you expect me to just sit here and watch instead of…”

“JUST DO IT,” yelled Cassidy, not wanting any complaining from her now, “LET’S MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!”

As the requested squad members started climbing down into the riverbed, Atta appeared with another telescope. “Here, I got it,” she said as she looked through it, getting a good view of the finch attack.

Back with Dot and Jenny, they frantically tried waking up Francis and Russ. “PLEASE MA’AM, WAKE UP, WAKE UP,” cried Dot.

“MR. RUSS, WAKE UP,” cried Jenny.

Their efforts didn’t work, and the finch started diving down to reach them. Dot and Jenny barely managed to dodge the finch’s attack, and they dragged Francis and Russ further into the crevice, away from the finch. But as the finch tried attacking again, it heard a voice coming from nearby. “Yoo-hoo, Mr. Early Bird.”

The finch looked and saw Slim holding Heimlich up like a bug on a stick. Alongside them were Rudy, Dennis and Kaytlin, along with the dinosaurs, Chinese trio and Donkey. “How about a nice tasty worm on a stick,” said Heimlich.

“I’m going to snap, I’m going to snap,” muttered Slim.

“Come and get it,” suggested Ling.

“Yummy food right here for the taking,” said Woog.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” muttered a nervous Donkey.

Seeing them as easier meals, the finch started pursuing them. From the rock face, Atta watched as the finch turned its attention from Dot and Jenny to Heimlich, Slim and the squad distracting the finch. Meanwhile, Flik, Cassidy, Kyle, the rest of the troupe and the scouts watched as the finch moved away from Dot and Jenny. “Let’s go,” said Flik.

Everyone got on Dim, who started flying off to find the two damsels in distress. Everyone looked around, trying to find their friends. “There they are,” said Flik.

“FLIK, HELP,” cried Dot.

Flik, Cassidy, Kyle and Lydia quickly got underneath Dim, while Manny and the scouts stayed where they were. Underneath Dim, Rosie had a web ready to be lowered. “Ok,” said Flik.

Rosie lowered her web to the ground, with Flik, Cassidy, Kyle, Lydia, Tuck and Roll holding on. The web reached the ground, where Dot ran to Flik. “FLIK,” she cried.

“It’s going to be ok Dot,” said Flik while Tuck and Roll went to Francis.

“Are you alright Jenny,” asked Kyle who was concerned.

“I’m fine, but where’s the bird,” asked Jenny.

“Our teammates are distracting her, but we gotta move fast,” said Kyle, “that bird can come back at any minute.”

“Grandpa,” exclaimed Cassidy as she stood over the unconscious body of her grandfather, “wake up! WAKE UP!”

“He must be out cold,” said Lydia, “we gotta get him to safety pronto.”

Back with the finch, it continued pursuing Heimlich, Slim and the squad distractors. “Ooh-whoo-whoo,” said Heimlich, “bye-bye birdie.”

Slim dove into a crack, but Heimlich was too fat for the crack and he got stuck. Rudy, Dennis and Kaytlin managed to get in the crack with Slim, but their teammates were stuck too. “AAH! HELP, I’M STUCK,” cried Heimlich as he watched the finch approach them, “PULL ME DOWN! SCHNELL, SCHNELL, SCHNELL!”

“WHY DID WE JUMP AT THE SAME TIME,” screamed Donkey.

“The caterpillar’s using himself as live bait,” said Atta as the rest of the colony appeared to watch, “and so are Cassidy’s friends.”

“How brave,” commented Mr. Soil.

“Oh no,” exclaimed Walden, “they’re stuck in that crack.”


“AAAAHHHHHHHHH,” Heimlich and the squad screamed as the bird prepared to strike.

But as it seemed the finch was going to make a meal out of Heimlich and the others, Gypsy and Elsa got in the bird’s way. “GET AWAY FROM THEM,” demanded Elsa.

Gypsy and Elsa got the finch’s attention, and they lured the beast away from their friends. As for Slim, he struggled to get Heimlich underneath the crack. “Suck it in man,” he squirmed.

Heimlich breathed in and he was pulled underneath the crack. As for the squad members who were stuck, they got themselves out and watched as the finch chased Gypsy and Elsa. “Now’s our chance,” said Rex, “this way.”

They made a mad dash for Ant Island, while Dim flew overhead nearby, with the others. Flik and the other rescuers rode in Rosie’s web while Dim flew towards Ant Island. “Kyle, this is Elsa,” Elsa called on Kyle’s badge, “we’ve got the bird distracted. Get to the thorn bush. That’s the safest place Gypsy and I could find, and hurry.”

“Understood,” said Kyle, “we’re on our way.”

But the team wasn’t home free yet. Francis woke up and felt a lot of pain from his leg. “Ow, my leg,” he complained as he opened his wings.

Francis’ wings closed, accidentally cutting the web and causing everyone to fall. Tuck and Roll managed to hold onto the web and Francis. Flik, with Dot in his arms, held onto Francis’ antennae, but Jenny was sent falling into the dark crevice. “JENNY,” cried the scouts.

Cassidy, who was holding onto the web, saw Jenny falling and, with no hesitation, flew towards her and caught her. Jenny was now riding on Cassidy’s back, but Cassidy was struggling to keep up with Dim. “You’re really heavy,” squirmed Cassidy as she struggled to stay airborne.

“CASSIDY, KEEP FLYING,” cried Kyle as he and Lydia held onto the web and Russ.

Back with the finch, it continued pursuing Gypsy and Elsa, but noticed Dim, struggling to fly up to the thorn bush. It started chasing them. On the rock face, Atta gasped upon seeing the finch chase them. “The bird, the bird,” she said worriedly, “look out for the bird!”

“Uh oh,” said Widget, “now the bird’s chasing them.”


“Guys, hurry,” cried Kimmy, who was still frantic over her sister and friend’s safety.

Dot noticed the finch chasing them and cried out, “FLIK!”

Flik saw the finch himself and gasped. Russ, who was still hanging upside down like Francis, regained consciousness and saw the finch too. He also noticed Cassidy trying to fly up to the thorn bush with Jenny still on her back. “Oh no,” he said before shouting to Cassidy, “CASSIDY, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!”

Jenny looked behind her and saw the finch getting closer to them. “CASSIDY, THE BIRD,” she cried as she clung onto her in fear.

Cassidy, now seeing that the bird was after them, flew much faster, flapping her wings rapidly, trying to get away. Tuck and Roll noticed the Ant Island wall ahead of them and warned Dim and Cassidy to fly upward. Flik looked at the wall then the bird, back and forth, getting frantic himself. The finch was mere inches away from catching him and Cassidy. “KEEP FLYING,” cried Kyle, “WE’RE ALMOST THERE!”


“JENNY,” screamed Kimmy loudly, as the bird prepared to gobble them.

Cassidy, heart pounding hard, wings flapping rapidly, kept flying as fast as she could. She was almost in the finch’s jaws, and was about to be swallowed up, when suddenly, she made it into the thorn bush with the others. Everyone landed on leaves while the finch tried reaching for them. But it didn’t stand a chance against the thorny branches. Not even its talons could get past the thorns. Finally giving up, the finch flew away. Everyone sighed with relief, now safe. Jenny got off Cassidy’s back as she met up with her fellow scouts. “Jenny, thank goodness you’re still here,” cried Heather as she ran to her side, hugging her.

“Are you hurt,” asked Matt.

“No guys, I’m ok,” said Jenny, “thanks to Cassidy.”

“That was quite the ride,” said Scott.

“I gotta admit, that was pretty intense,” said Cassidy as she started getting up.

But suddenly, Cassidy felt a very painful feeling in her wing. She clenched onto it as she collapsed, groaning in pain. The others noticed this and became worried. “Oh no,” said Kyle as he ran to Cassidy’s side, “are you ok Cassidy?”

“Ow,” squirmed Cassidy, “my…my wing. It crashed into one of those branches.”

Kyle and Lydia looked at Cassidy’s wing and saw that it was broken. “Oh dear,” said Lydia, “that’s pretty serious.”

“Is she gonna be ok,” asked Jenny.

“I don’t know,” said Lydia, “but I’m happy that she’s alive.”

“So am I,” said Russ, “that was a daring rescue.”

Everyone started hearing an applause that started getting louder and louder. “What is that,” asked Rosie.

Recognizing the sound, Manny said, “that my friends is the sound of applause.”

They looked down and saw the colony cheering for them. The troupe grew with excitement, for they had longed for applause of some sort. This was truly a marvelous sight to see. They quickly got down to the ground where they met up with Heimlich, Slim and the rest of the squad. They greeted the cheering colony as Kimmy ran to her sister and embraced with her, relieved that she survived. “You made it,” she said as tears rolled down her eyes, “I was so worried.”

“I’m fine big sis,” said Jenny as she returned the hug.

Jenny wiped away some of her happy sister’s tears as Kimmy asked, “what about everyone else.”

“They survived,” said Kyle, “all thanks to a plan created by Cassidy and Flik. We have them to thank.”

Kimmy looked at Cassidy, who, while in pain, was happy seeing her friends ok. “Applause,” said Francis, “I’m in heaven.”

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